November 2015

Wirral paedophile locked up over 16-year campaign of abuse against girls and boys


A depraved Wirral paedophile who abused victims as young as two was today locked up for more than 13 years.

Karl Bromley, 37, left a trail of devastation over a 16-year period in which nine victims, both male and female, were assaulted.

Bromley, from Wallasey, was today jailed after admitting 22 sexual assaults on nine victims, both male and female, in the Moreton area between 1998 and 2014.

They led to one victim attempting suicide later in life.

In a witness statement read out at Liverpool Crown Court, one victim spoke candidly of the lasting impact Bromley’s actions had upon her.

She said: “The effect Karl Bromley had on my life is far reaching and insidious.

“His actions had consequences I am still suffering. For years I have struggled with depression and severe anxiety.

“Karl Bromley harmed me at a time and place I was supposed to be safe. His violation left me frightened of people.

“I was too afraid to open my own front door, even when I knew who was on the other side. I was wary of my family and panicked when people touched me without warning. Karl Bromley has left me almost completely incapable of trusting anyone and subsequently incapable of forming lasting relationships.

“There is no scale to reliably measure the damage that man did. I can never fix the damage done to my education. I cannot get back the years spent trapped in my home completely unable to face my family and friends and terrified of going outside.

“It is only recently and with the help of therapy that I have begun to come to terms with what Karl Bromley did to me, but I will never truly repair the damage he did to my life.”

Detective Constable Karen Mallan, from the Wirral child protection unit, said parental intervention had helped bring Bromley to justice.

She said: “Thankfully in some cases, parents recognised the warning signs and called the police when they realised something serious had happened.

“Karl Bromley is a determined sex offender who pursued boys and girls as young as two, abusing his position of trust for his own sexual gratification.”

Bromley, whose address in court was given as HMP Liverpool, was also ordered to sign the sex offender register for life and made subject of a sexual harm prevention order (SHPO), banning him from having any contact with children under 16 for the rest of his life.