November 2015

Pervert jailed for sexually abusing schoolgirl 


A cocaine user has been jailed after he had sex with a 15-year-old girl who was unable to resist after taking the drug at a party. 

John McCracken knew the schoolgirl was under the influence of cocaine when he took her back to his bedsit and had sex while they watched a late night movie on the television.

He was jailed for four years after a judge at Exeter Crown Court told him he had exploited the disinhibition which the cocaine induced in the girl.

McCracken had known the victim since she was 11 and had taken her to a party where he had supplied the cocaine which she took.

McCracken, 28, of Westexe, Tiverton, admitted sexual activity with a child and possession of cocaine and was jailed for four years by Judge Francis Gilbert, QC.

He was also ordered to sign onto the sex offenders’ register for life and made subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order which will restrict his contact with anyone under 18 in the future.

The judge told him: “You took the girl to a party where you knew cocaine would be consumed. You did not stop that or take her away. You took her to your room knowing she had taken cocaine and the effect it would have in disinhibiting her.

“You had sex with her at a time when she says she did not want to do it but felt unable to say no. You knew what you had done and knew it was not only wrong but criminal.

“You told the probation report writer you are not attracted to underage girls and feel strongly about those who abuse positions of trust for their own sexual gratification, but that is exactly what you have done.

“There was an abuse of trust, a significant disparity in age and although you did not give her cocaine, you knew before you had sex that she had taken it and the effect it had on her.”

Lee Bremridge, for the prosecution, said McCracken was aware of her age.

He took her to a party on November 14 last year at which he became aware she had taken some of his cocaine. They then returned to his home around midnight where they watched television together.

He said: “He put his arm around her. She did not want that sort of contact but did not say that to him. There was sexual intercourse. He asked her to promise not to tell anybody and said he would get into big trouble if she did.”

She told friends and when the police were eventually called in McCracken was found with £35 of cocaine. He denied giving her the drug.