November 2015

Jail for woman who groomed and had sex with 13-year-old boy


A male who was groomed and sexually abused as a 13-year-old by a woman “bottled it up” for years after she told him to keep quiet.

But, ten years after the abuse, he went to the police and yesterday Leeann Maw pleaded guilty at Derby Crown Court to having sexual activity with a child in 2005 and was jailed for four years and eight months.

The court heard that Maw, of Parliament Close, Derby, had sex with the 13-year-old on more than ten occasions and she had also touched him sexually in the pool at Queen’s Leisure Centre in Derby.

Sentencing 33-year-old Maw, Recorder Stephen Thomas said: “The victim of this case was 13 years of age when you abused him. It’s clear what you did to him did profound emotional harm to him.

“He had, in fact, bottled the matter up and it caused him difficulties both in relationships and general character.

“He was introverted and has not developed into the person he thinks he ought to have done – no doubt, in part, because of what you had done to him and, in part, because you told him not to reveal anything, and the burden upon him.”

Recorder Thomas said that, in his view, Maw had done all she could to groom the boy.

He added: “Over these months, you had regular sexual intercourse with him. You accompanied that by demonstrating your motivation was not only sexual but voracious, as far as you’re concerned.

“You couldn’t even go to the swimming baths with him without feeling his private parts underwater. You were unable to stop of your own volition. It only came to an end because you were seen kissing him and inquiries were made and social services became involved.”

The court heard that the victim was a shy boy and had never even kissed anyone in a sexual way before Maw’s advances.

On the first occasion that anything happened, she had spoken to him about her past sexual experiences and “asked him if he wanted to do stuff like she was describing”, said Sarah Knight, prosecuting.

Miss Knight said the person who saw them kissing had informed the boy’s mother, as well as social services. She said: “Social services did, in fact, visit the boy’s home but it was clear he had been instructed by the defendant not to tell anyone about what was going on. So, although social services did speak to him, he didn’t tell them anything about what had been transpiring at the time.

“This was an alarm bell, it seems, to the defendant and the interaction between them stopped.”

Miss Knight said that the victim had eventually gone to the police, last year, because “his partner had been aware of what happened and had given him an ultimatum to report what had happened because of the adverse effect on their relationship”.

Maw must sign the Sex Offenders’ Register when she is released and was barred from working with children for life.