October 2013

Poole High caretaker jailed over sex act with schoolgirl


A SCHOOL caretaker has been jailed after admitting to a sexual relationship with a teenage pupil.

Paul Stroud, of Days Court, Wimborne, admitted inciting the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to perform sexual acts in a cupboard at Poole High School.

He met the youngster at the school before the pair began exchanging messages on Facebook and texting each other.

Stroud, 45, faced one count of engaging in sexual activity with a child under the age of 16 and two of intentionally causing or inciting the girl to engage in sexual activity.

He also sent explicit photographs to the teen before the pair met once for a sexual encounter on school grounds.

Heather Shimmen, prosecuting, said: “They arranged to meet in the music block after school,” adding: “She said she hid outside the block and then went in.

“He was waiting in a place she described as a ‘cupboard room’, and he locked the door. They went on to hug and kiss before he undid his trousers.”

Police were alerted to the relationship between the two on June 24 after concerned staff at Poole High School contacted social services.

The student told officers she and friends had jokingly nicknamed Stroud “dad” initially before the two began sending “dirty” messages to each other.

Jailing Stroud for three years and 10 months, Judge John Harrow said: “This was a serious breach of trust with a young girl who was so much younger than you.”