September 2016

Paedophile jailed for three years for child sex crimes


A man who was jailed after a group who trawl the internet catching paedophiles trapped him, has been sentenced for further child sex offences.

In November Mold Crown Court heard James Brennan, 46, sent an indecent photograph of himself over the internet to a person he believed was a girl of 15.

However, the girl turned out to be a member of a group who patrol the internet to catch paedophiles.

Brennan, of Victoria Road in Prestatyn, admitted the offences and was jailed for 32-months, ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for life and made the subject of a ten-year sexual harm prevention order to curb his future activities.

Today he appeared at Mold Crown Court via a live television link from HMP Castington in Northumberland to face further child sex charges, for which he was given an extra three and a half years.

The court heard he had regular sex with a vulnerable school girl aged 15.

He admitted seven charges of sexual activity with a child including intercourse and one charge of attempting to perverting the course of justice after he wrote to a member of the girl’s family asking her to change her story.

Two other charges – one of sexual activity and a further charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice – which he denied, were allowed to remain on the file.

Judge Rhys Rowlands told Brennan the three and a half year sentence would be served consecutively to a 32-month sentence he received last November.

The judge told Brennan “You took advantage of her.

“She was vulnerable.

“There was a very large age difference. She was 15 and you were in your mid 40s.

“You were more than 30 years older than her.”

He said that Brennan would remain on the sex offender register indefinitely.

November 2015

Man snared by paedophile hunter when he thought he was ‘sexting’ girl, 15

A man in his 40s thought he was sending an explicit selfie to a 15-year-old girl – but he was unwittingly contacting a paedophile hunter.

James Brennan, 45, was ‘sexting’ the person he thought was a youngster and asked her to send him some “naughty” photographs of herself. 

But Mold Crown Court heard he was unknowingly contacting a member of a group trawling the net to catch those who exploited youngsters.

The police were informed and Brennan, of Victoria Road, Prestatyn, is now starting a 32-month prison sentence.

Judge Geraint Walters told Brennan – who used his real name and age during the internet exchange – that he had a dark side to him and that while in custody he could begin to tackle some of his personal issues.

Brennan admitted attempting to incite a teenage girl to engage in sexual activity.

A second charge of attempting to arrange a child sex offence, which he denied, was dropped.

The judge told him: “The facts speak for themselves. You were lured unexpectedly into a trap. But it was a trap that you were hovering around. You were ready-made prey for it.”

The court heard Brennan had been told that the girl was a virgin, that she lived with her parents and he quite deliberately engaged in a sexual conversation with her over the internet.

The case was heard at Mold Crown Court

He told her what he wanted to do to her sexually, asked for indecent images of her and sent a picture of his genitals.

“People don’t do that just because they are lured into a trap,” the judge said.

Prosecuting barrister Simon Rogers told how paedophile hunters had set up a fake online profile of an 18-year-old named Jessie. In April, the defendant contacted “her”.

He received a reply saying she was only 15 and that she should not have lied about her age.

But the defendant nevertheless carried on contacting her, asking if she was a virgin, and saying he would like to be “her first” and that he’d like a full-length picture of her.

He asked if she was interested in meeting up, said she looked “as sexy as hell” and also looked as if she had “a naughty side”.

He was arrested when a warrant was executed at his flat on April 28 and, in interview, said he used the site to meet people.

Brennan was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for life and made the subject of a 10-year sexual harm prevention order to curb his future activities.