November 2015

Paedophile BANNED from internet for FIVE years

A PAEDOPHILE who viewed child abuse images when he had sexual urges has been banned from the internet for five years.

Shane Halliday, 36, was sentenced to a three-year community order in 2012 for 14 counts of making indecent images of children, and two of possessing indecent images.

He was also made subject to a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO), which featured a range of prohibitions, including making his internet search history available.

But during a routine police visit to his home on April 16 this year, Halliday was found to have used a file-sharing programme to access indecent material, viewed a bestiality video and deleted his search history.

Search terms he used included “female babysitter”, “drugged toddler”, and “paedo babysitter”.

Halliday admitted three counts of possessing indecent images of children, one of possessing an extreme pornographic image, and breaching a SOPO.

Hull Crown Court heard he had a “traumatic” past and suffered “deep-rooted damage” as a child.

He had been ordered to attend the Northumbria Sex Offenders treatment programme and had just begun to address his problems when he committed his latest offences.

Judge Jeremy Richardson QC sentenced Halliday to a new three-year community order that would see him have one-to-one interaction on the Northumbria programme.

He also issued an amended SOPO that bars Halliday from having any device that can access the internet for five years.

Halliday will also be under a four-month curfew at a hostel in Hull and agreed to voluntarily work with Circles of Support, which aims to reduce sexual reoffending.

Judge Richardson told him: “In the ordinary course of events, I would be sentencing you to a substantial period of custody.

“I’m taking a wholly exceptional course.

“I’m doing so, in my judgment, for entirely valid reasons that will best serve the public interest in the long-term protection of the public.”

The judge said he would personally monitor Halliday’s progress, and would hold the first of a series of reviews on January 8.

Halliday must sign the sex offenders register for five years.