November 2015

Convicted rapist found guilty of sex offences against young girl


An already convicted rapist has now been found guilty of the sexual abuse of a young girl.

At the hearing on 18th November 2015 at Basildon crown court, Steven Norris pleaded guilty to the following charges:

  • Indecent assault on a child aged under 13-years-old 

    2x Indecency with a child aged under 13-years-old 

The court heard that the victim was six-years-old when Norris started to sexually abuse her.

The abuse continued for three years, until the victim managed to find the strength to report it to her mother, who in turn, went straight to the police.

However, the CPS decided in 2005 that, due to a lack of evidence combined with Norris’ denials, the case would not be heard in court.

This year, the victim was given the opportunity to report the abuse again, as she had now reached an adult age, which culminated in the new conviction.

Steven Norris pleaded not guilty to the following offences to which the judge has accepted and ordered that these will lie on file:

  • 2x Indecent assault 

    Assault a child under 13 by penetration

    Sexual assault of a child under

    Causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity 

Steven Norris was sentenced as follows:

Norris was sentenced to 2 additional years imprisonment, which will be added to his current 21-year sentence.

Appeal court doubles sentence given to rapist

AN appeal court has more than doubled a rapist’s ten year sentence, after agreeing it was too lenient.

The Court of Appeal today quashed the ten year sentence given to rapist Steven Norris and increased it to 21 years, 16 years of which, the court ruled, should be custodial.

In July, Steven Norris, of Heygate Avenue, Southend, was found guilty by a jury at Basildon Crown Court of four counts of rape and two counts of actual bodily harm.

The victim broke her feet when Norris pushed her off a six-foot fence and she suffered horrific injuries including bites on her body.

The victim was forced to relive her experiences during the trial.

The Solicitor General, Robert Buckland QC, who referred the case, appeared in court to argue the sentence was unduly lenient.

He was also made the subject of a restraining order for an indefinite period and placed on the sex offenders register for life.

The victim said: “I am very chuffed he has been convicted.

“He would tell me he dreamt of ways of torturing my family.

“Now I know he has been locked up, I knowhe can’t hurt me or my family.

“It’s a real weight lifted off my shoulders.

“I feel a lot safer now and I feel a lot more myself because I have come back to my family and I am seeing my kids again.

“He might have hurt me physically and mentally, but I am the one who won in the end.”

She said she struggled to relive her experiences during the trial.

She added: “It has been really tough, especially for someone like me who has never been in trouble or inside a court room, it was quite nerve-wracking.

“I had to relive my experiences over and over again.

“Now I know he has been locked up, it was totally worth it.”

She urged other women to seek help.

She said: “I would say just speak to someone. I spoke to people at work – there is help out there.

“Now I have completely moved on. Life is looking good.”

Speaking after today’s hearing, the Solicitor General Robert Buckland QC MP said Norris had brutally assaulted his victim: He said: “He pushed his victim from height, causing fractures to both of her feet. Upon arrest Norris cowardly denied all charges of physical violence and claimed the sexual intercourse had been consensual. He maintained his not guilty plea in court meaning his victim had to testify at court.

“I am very pleased that the Court of Appeal has today increased this sentence and I hope that this sentence sends a clear message that sexual offenders will be dealt heavy punishments for their behaviour.”