November 2015

Perverted pensioner given SOPO

Derek Rogerson

A pensioner slapped with a sexual offences prevention order for sending pornographic poems to school girls has landed in court again after breaking the order.

Former teaching volunteer Derek Rogerson, 78, of Greystock Close, Bamber Bridge, was given the order four years ago after admitting sending obscene material to youngsters on Facebook.

Now, Rogerson, a writer who pens an online bulletin for Bamber Bridge, has been given a nine month suspended prison sentence after Preston Crown Court heard he tried to “make contact” online with a girl he had believed to be 15 between September and November last year.

Today, he claims he was duped by a member of the public who created a fake Facebook account an tried to befriend him.

He said: “I received a request from a lady who wanted to be a friend, there was picture and to be quite honest I put her in her early 20s.

“She was persistent in messaging me and I accepted her friend request.

“She said in a later message she was 15 – well my order means I can’t have contact with people under 16 and I told her we couldn’t be friends.

“She wrote back and foolishly I responded again – it was classed as a breach of my SOPO. The girl doesn’t exist, they couldn’t find any trace at all – the judge said it was a set up by someone. There was picture and quite honest I would have put her in her early 20s.

“I’ve learned a tough lesson – now I just don’t go on Facebook at all.

“To some degree I can accept the situation but it’s devastating for us, especially my wife. She’s supportive God bless her, I don’t deserve it.

“I have a good feeling who it is.”

Rogerson must have sex offender treatment and supervision, Preston Crown Court ruled.

He used to volunteer to help teach literacy at a Lancashire school but was given an eight week jail term, suspended for two years, in 2011 after 
admitting five counts of 
sending indecent messages to two girls.

The poems, which were laden with innuendo and 
sexual reference, were entitled 
“Forbidden Fruit”, another “Beyond Compare”.