October 2018

Pervert pensioner, 70, caught with abuse images featuring children as young as THREE

Pervert Ian Albrighton has been jailed after he downloaded indecent images of naked children aged as young as three.

The 70-year-old paedophile – who has previous convictions for sexually assaulting a boy and making indecent images of children – was released from prison on November 24.

But just three days later he breached a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) by failing to declare a device he had to the police.

And he was found in possession of a phone when police turned up at unannounced at Wharf Lane Hostel in Shelton on May 29. It was examined and was found to contain three indecent images of children. The first two were of children aged three, four, five and six in a bath, and the third was a boy aged nine or 10.

Now Albrighton has been jailed for 10 months at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

Prosecutor Siobhan Collins said police visited the Wharf Lane Hostel unannounced on May 29.

Miss Collins said: “Police were made aware he had an internet enabled mobile phone and had been using it to look online.

“The phone was examined and three indecent images were found. The first two concerned naked male children aged three, four, five and six, in a bath. The other was of a boy aged nine or 10.”

Albrighton, of Rectory Road, Shelton, pleaded guilty to making indecent images of a child.

Judge Dean Kershaw told Albrighton: “You are 70 years of age and you are appearing yet again for the same type of offending.

“In May your phone was checked. You clearly tried to hide it. Police found three images on it. They did not involve penetration. But, most disturbing, they involved children as young as three-years-old.

“In your interview you agreed you had looked at them but said you no longer had a sexual interest in young boys. That is clearly nonsense. You obviously do have a sexual interest in young boys.

“This offence was committed during a period when you should have been rehabilitating yourself on licence.

“These are extremely young children. You realised exactly what you were doing and decided to do it.”

June 2016

Prison for convicted paedophile found with indecent images of children


A CONVICTED paedophile from Burton who continued to download indecent images of children after previously avoiding a prison sentence for similar offences has been jailed for three years.

Ian Albrighton, 68, had around 1,000 photographs and a number of films on discs and on a laptop at his home. It was his third conviction in four years.

The material was discovered by police just four months after the pensioner had been “leniently and compassionately” dealt with for similar allegations last year.

At Stafford Crown Court, Judge Michael Chambers QC told Albrighton that his continuous involvement in searching for this type of material only provided the climate for evil people to continue what they were doing with the young children seen on the images.

Judge Chambers said: “In 2012 you were jailed for two years for a sexual assault on victims under 13 and possession of indecent images of children.

“When released you were back involved in similar offences and in November last year were dealt with leniently by way of a community order.

“During the period of that order you committed these current offences.

“Reports suggest the only way to protect the public is by an immediate prison sentence as you are regarded as risk to children.”

Judge Chambers revoked the previous community order and replaced it with a 12-month prison sentence and gave Albrighton a further two years for the latest offences.

A sexual offences prevention order remains in place and Albrighton will be on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely. At a previous hearing Albrighton, of Clewley Road, Branston, had admitted 13 charges relating to having almost 1,000 still and moving images on a laptop or discs between March last year and February this year, which were found at his address.

The court heard that in November last year Albrighton was spared jail and given a three-year community order and had to attend a sex offender treatment programme.

Albrighton, who was already a convicted paedophile, had admitted being in possession of more than 50,000 indecent images of children after officers seized his computer, dozens of DVDs and a memory stick in July last year.

November 2015

Convicted paedophile spared jail after 50,000 images of children found on computer

A pensioner from East Staffordshire caught with more than 50,000 indecent images of children has been spared a jail sentence.

Police carried out a search at the home of Ian Albrighton because he was a convicted paedophile who had previously been sent to prison, Stafford Crown Court was told.

However, his solicitor told the court his time in prison was too short to undertake a sex offenders’ treatment programme.

The officers seized his computer, dozens of DVDs and a memory stick to check that he was complying with a Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

But they found tens of thousands of pornographic pictures of children, including more than 7,500 in the most vile category A, said Hugh Williams, prosecuting.

Albrighton, 67, of Clewley Road, Branston, admitted 12 charges of making indecent images of children.

He was given a three-year community order to undergo a sex offender treatment programme. He was also made the subject of a new Sexual Offences Prevention Order for life, banned from working with children indefinitely and ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for five years, along with £550 costs to pay.

Judge Carmel Wall told Albrighton: “When I first looked at these papers, I concluded there was no alternative to an immediate custodial sentence.

“You had been made subject to a jail sentence recently and a few months after your licence period expired, you were doing exactly the same thing again.

“Some effort should be made to educate you so you don’t commit these offences in the future.”

The court heard that in 2012 Albrighton had been jailed for a total of 21 months for sex offences against young boys and possessing indecent images of children.

Mr Williams said the police searched the defendant’s home on July 15, last year. In total, he had 7,543 pornographic pictures in the most serious category A, 3,905 in category B and 43,294 in category C.

Darron Whitehead, defending, said his client’s previous jail sentence was too short for him to undertake the sex offenders’ treatment programme.

“He is no longer engaging with young individuals, but when he is home alone he is accessing the internet and viewing this material.

“He has been to custody before.

“It punished him, but did not rehabilitate him. The police cannot stop him having a laptop.”