November 2015

Pervert Army cadet instructor groomed young girls


A PERVERTED Army cadet instructor who taught children as young as 12 created fake online identities to lure underage girls into sending him naked photographs of themselves.

Philip Stoneley, of Willow Drive, Brough, was in at least 70 “chat” conversations on mobile phones with the girls.

On one occasion, he created an online profile of a 16-year-old girl to convince at least one victim, who still does not know she was speaking to a 39-year-old married man, to send explicit photos to him.

Philip Evans, prosecuting at Hull Crown Court, said Stoneley was in “chats” with girls aged 16 or younger on one of his two Blackberry mobile phones.

Mr Evans said: “He claimed to be this 16-year-old bisexual girl called Jodie from Hull.

“One of his chats was with a 15-year-old lesbian from Leeds. The defendant started messaging under his assumed identity and said, ‘You want to swap pictures?’.

“He went on to say ‘get all your body out’.”

When speaking as Jodie, he claimed he was raped by his father and was a diabetic, in an attempt to gain sympathy from the 15-year- old victim.

Mr Evans said: “It worked. Further conversations took place and indecent images were exchanged, and the 15-year-old girl took pictures of herself and sent them to the defendant.”

The prosecutor said Stoneley, whose marriage has since broken down, taught children aged 12 to 18 years old in his role as a cadet instructor.

Mr Evans said Stoneley sent explicit photos of an underage girl he had on his phone to get his victims to reciprocate, and also assumed a different identity on his second Blackberry, where he was in up to 70 “chats” with underage girls.

Mr Evans said: “The messages had the same sexual flavour to them.”

Stoneley was spared jail by Judge John Dowse.

He was given a 21-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and was ordered to go on the Northumbria Sex Offenders Programme.

Judge Dowse said Stoneley would be better rehabilitated on the programme than in jail.

He said: “These cases come before the courts with an unfortunate regularity.

“You lied about your age and you lied about identity on more than one occasion. When children are affected by this type of crime, they do not simply recover, and problems that come from this can be lifelong.

“You have to live with yourself knowing you may have caused them lifelong difficulties.”