November 2015

Paedophile with 250,000 indecent images of children jailed

Sean Mulcahy

A paedophile who possessed more than a quarter of a million indecent images of children, including some classed as extreme pornography, has been sent to prison.

Sean Mulcahy (50) from Huntingdon had tried to delete many of the indecent images and movies of young children which police found stored on multiple devices after a raid in April.

Mulcahy, who admitted to making and possessing still and moving images, was sentenced to 20 months at Peterborough Crown Court today, Friday November 27, having already pleaded guilty to the charges.

The images he possessed were accessed over a period of more than two years from January 2013.

Caroline Allison, prosecuting, said: “He said on interview he felt he had not had much support or advice. He said he would look at the images then not look at them again.

“He said he was not interested in the children.”

She added: “It’s clear in this case there are a huge number of images and a large number of movies taken over a long period of time.”

A suspended sentence for Mulcahy was requested by the defence, in part due to his early guilty plea and the assistance he gave the police when interviewed.

However, Judge Peter Murphy sentenced him to 20 months concurrent for two charges of making and possessing indecent images, and eight months concurrent for possessing extreme pornography and prohibited images.

Judge Murphy said: I’m quite sure that you do have issues that you need to have resolved and I accept you have suffered from depression and other things as well.”

But he added: “Every time images of that kind are accessed, the victim is victimised again.

“The courts know from experience that the trauma of children portrayed in those images can last for the rest of their lives and make it difficult to form their own relationships.”

A Sexual Offences Prevention Order was also imposed indefinitely on Mulcahy which would limit his internet use and allow the police to have access to his online activity.

The indecent images were also ordered to be destroyed.