December 2015

Man jailed for nine years after raping and repeatedly sexually abusing schoolboy


A RADCLIFFE man who raped and repeatedly sexually abused a schoolboy was jailed for nine years today.

But because a judge ruled that David Pendlebury poses a high risk of serious harm he also imposed an extended four year licence term.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Pendlebury, aged 52, had exploited and corrupted his victim – beginning when he was 12 – by giving him gifts and later paying him a monthly salary so he could continue sexually abusing him.

He had been a friend of the victim’s family and the youngster has been left upset and confused by what has happened.

Jailing him, Judge Denis Watson, said, “I have no doubt you have an extremely dangerous sexual interest in young boys and only a custodial sentence can protect the public.

“You groomed him, supplied him with gifts and corrupted him so he would do almost anything you asked of him, so corrupt was your behaviour.

“You were paying him a monthly salary which effectively meant you could do as you wished with him. Small wonder he rejected his mum’s attempts to prevent you from seeing him. When he was 14 or 15 you raped him when you believed he was asleep.

“Your exploitation, manipulation and corruption was so complete he then found himself drawn back to you again and again because you provided money and gifts.

“You were in a position of trust and you exploited that in a callous way. Your conduct in taking control over him is grotesque and utterly depraved. The harm you have caused is likely to be significant. He is troubled and confused and has lost his adolescence in a most shocking way at your hands.”

Judge Watson told Pendlebury, now of Railway Road, Atherton, that he found it difficult to accept his claim that he cared for the victim and if he had it was in “an utterly distorted way of thinking and comes a long way behind your own sexual gratification.”

Pendlebury had pleaded guilty to one charge of rape and ten of sexual activity with a child. The court heard that he has a previous conviction for sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy.

The judge told him he will serve at least six years of the sentence and it will be up the Parole Board when he is released. He ordered him to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life and imposed an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

Neville Biddle, prosecuting, said that the offences spanned three and a half years. Pendlebury had befriended the boy when he was 12 and bought him tight sportswear “which sexually aroused him.”

He began to abuse the youngster and this increased in seriousness after Pendlebury began giving him gifts, including those related to X-Box and Minecraft. His increasingly concerned mother tried to stop him seeing Pendlebury but after intervals he continued his control over him.

He said: “Eventually an agreement was reached that Pendlebury would give him £50 a month on the understanding he could do what he wanted.”

In a statement the boy’s mum said that alarm bells rang after she checked his mobile phone and found incriminating text messages.

She said: “I feel numb with guilty, angry, hurt and betrayed.He has ruined my son’s childhood and taken away his innocence and had no right to do this.”

She added that she believed he had seen her as an easy target as part of an elaborate plan to sexually abuse her son and she spoke of her fears for her son’s future and how it had ruined her relationship with him. She described Pendlebury as “a liar and a sexual predator.”

Paul Treble, defending, said, “He deeply regrets what he did and is remorseful and takes responsibility. He did genuinely care for his victim and he accepts what happened is wrong.”

As he told how Pendlebury’s family, including his son, has disowned him, Pendlebury wept in the dock.