December 2015

Convicted paedophile jailed for being father christmas at hotel


A CONVICTED paedophile was yesterday sent back to prison after getting a job at a hotel where he played Father Christmas for kids.

Gregory Broadbent-Palmer, 40, hid his 2007 jailing for downloading child sexual abuse pictures to become night manager at a Best Western Hotel.

A source there said: “His role involved helping guests and he came into contact with children. He was outgoing so it was always him who dressed up as Santa Claus at Christmas.

“That involved him going round the hotel and seeing the children.

“He also ran a cookery course at the hotel for nine and ten-year-olds.

“He was never alone with kids so they weren’t at risk but we wonder what he was thinking.”

Staff at the Monkbar Hotel in York stopped Broadbent-Palmer after discovering he was viewing child abuse images on his iPad.

Police experts accessed protected files on the device to discover his stash of pictures, York crown court heard.

Broadbent-Palmer had also researched ways of removing evidence in the iCloud of his illegal activity and had stored the images in an orderly way that would have made it possible to distribute them, though there was no evidence he had actually distributed them.

Broadbent-Palmer was jailed for two years after admitting possessing indecent images.

Judge Paul Batty told the dad of two: “You were using Russian websites and search names indicating your interest in perverted sexual activity with little children.

“You had imposed on one photo of a child a photo of your partner, which is utterly revolting and shows what you thought of her.”

Broadbent-Palmer got 18 months in 2007 for downloading 5,500 child abuse pictures and 15 films, some of which showed the rape of children and toddlers.