December 2015

Twisted 4ft-tall hunchback paedophile jailed for 16 years for grooming and raping girls


A twisted paedophile has been jailed for 16 years for grooming and raping five schoolgirls over a ten-year period.

Luis Moreno, now 66, and has a ‘hunchback’ spinal deformity.

Manchester Crown Court heard his five young victims lived in fear of the child molester, who boasted of being an adept martial artist despite his disability.

Moreno, of Aquarius Street, Hulme, abused his victims ‘week in, week out’, the court heard.

But it’s only now, after one, and then four other victims spoke to police, that he has finally been brought to justice

Moreno denied nine rape charges and eleven charges of indecent assault, many of which were specimen counts reflecting multiple attacks, but was convicted of them all by a jury of seven women and five men.

An indefinite harm prevention order restricts Moreno’s contact with children following his release, the date of which will not come automatically at the halfway point, but will instead be determined by the Parole Board because of the nature of his conviction.

Sending down Moreno, who is believed to be suffering from prostate cancer, Judge Andrew Blake told him: “You had groomed these girls to do whatever you wanted them to do and they never told anyone.

” You didn’t need to threaten them, although they were frightened of you because they knew you had practised martial arts. You had these young girls in your thrall and at your beck and call.”

The girls were just nine when Moreno began luring them to his home. After molesting them he gave them cash he made from selling pirated feature films and pornographic movies on a market stall.

Over time, he escalated his abuse to repeatedly raping them.

Traumatised by their ordeals, the complainants have battled personal problems in adulthood.

In a victim impact statement read by prosecutor Michael Maher, one of the complainants said: “I will never get back the childhood that was taken from me. I feel that I have been broken as a person.”

Speaking of the victims and their families, the judge said: “They had sympathy for you because of your deformed spine and various health problems. I have no doubt you realised this and took advantage. I have no doubt that you homed in on vulnerable girls. This behaviour continued week in week in, week out for years.”