December 2015

Convicted child sex offender is drug dealer


A DEALER jailed after being accused of using his drugs trade to groom schoolgirls for sex is back in business.

John McCarthy hand delivers crack cocaine to addicted women amid ­mounting fears for their daughters.

McCarthy, 69, was jailed for sexually assaulting two 14-year-old girls and has convictions for dealing heroin and cocaine.

One of his victims was introduced to McCarthy – known as “J” – by her older drug addict sister.

But despite serving two jail terms, ­McCarthy is again making illegal ­deliveries from his blue Honda ­Integra car around Glasgow, Renfrewshire and Inverclyde.

One investigation, included posing as a potential customer, who then bought crack from him in the city’s southside last week.

She bought a rock of the drug for £50.

He said: “I’ve a few more to get round but give me a phone later.”

McCarthy, of Govan, has a long history of dealing drugs to prostitutes.

The sister of one of his young victims was a heroin addict who travelled from Greenock to work in Glasgow’s red light area. She was one of McCarthy’s ­regulars.

The dealer gave his victims cash in return for their silence but they later ­complained to police, who arrested him.

McCarthy stood trial at the High Court in Glasgow in 2004. He was found guilty of three charges under the Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act and two charges under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

He was sentenced to 30 months for ­having sex with two girls aged 14. One victim had just celebrated her ­birthday.

McCarthy was also jailed for six years and 11 months for supplying drugs.

One source close to the trial said: ­“McCarthy knew the girls were underage. He asked to be introduced to them.

“The prostitute who arranged it was the sister of one victim. She got drugs from McCarthy and the girls received cash. He was originally charged with rape but it was later changed to having sex with a minor.

“A charge against the prostitute was eventually dropped but she couldn’t show her face again. McCarthy still only sells to women.”

When we confronted McCarthy he denied selling drugs or grooming schoolgirls.

He added: “I don’t know why you’ve got to mention my convictions.”

He used to find addicts to sell to in the red light area but a crackdown on prostitution has forced his victims off the streets. Now he drops deliveries of heroin and cocaine to people at home.

Our source said: “All of McCarthy’s customers are young females. Almost all of them work as prostitutes to get money to feed their habit.

“When he was jailed for abusing those two young girls most people thought he’d be finished. But he’s just picked up from where he left off. He’s got more customers than ever.

“A lot of his customers say he gives them the creeps but it doesn’t stop them phoning him. He likes being around young girls. If he didn’t sell drugs no one would go anywhere near him.”

Sex law campaigner Belinda Brooks-Gordon yesterday said drugs laws need changed to make it harder for predators to target prostitutes.

She said: “Only a small percentage of women who work as prostitutes are drug addicts. But we’ve seen examples of absuers preying on vulnerable women because of their addiction.

“A change in drug laws would remove a predator’s power and in many cases lead to women leaving sex work.

“Addiction is a medical condition and should be treated as such. Controlled injection clinics would help take ­abusers out of the equation.”