December 2015

Pervert blames friends for his stash of indecent images of children

A MAN who lived ‘an extensively isolated lifestyle’ was found to have hundreds of indecent images of children on computers at his home — but told police they must have been accessed by friends.

Police had gone to Robert Davies’ home address in March Hywel, Cilfrew, in August last year, and seized two computer towers, which after forensic examination were revealed to hold 134 indecent images in category A — the most serious images of abuse — 84 in category B and 77 in category C.

Huw Davies, prosecuting, told Swansea Crown Court the images had been accessed using a peer-to-peer site, and included internet searches for indecent images of young children.

He added: “When first interviewed by police he denied there would be indecent images on his computers. When he was re-interviewed and told the results, he said they must have been done by friends who had been at parties at his house, or someone with a grudge against him. As a result, two friends were interviewed by police”.

However, the 26-year-old pleaded guilty to possession of the images at a preliminary court hearing, and sentencing was adjourned for a pre-sentence report.

Making him subject to a community order with supervision for three years, Judge Huw Davies said: “Your offences are serious and concern the possession of indecent photographs of children. Some 134 images were the most serious kind, involving children being subject to sexual activity.

“When you started this in 2003 you said you were so disgusted by what you have done, that you stopped, but you resumed doing it some time later in 2010. It was only the result of careful policing, when officers came to your home and arrested you, only then did you stop.

“You were affronted by it and said friends were responsible for what you know you had done. You live an extensively isolated lifestyle and your experience with any relationship…is as good as nil. You are trapped in a world of your own.

“You were unwilling to acknowledge what it represented; the degradation and abuse of children trapped in a situation where there is no adult to protect them, and subject to the will of predators. Those predators depend on people like you to circulate what they produce. When you view those images you are encouraging the activities of what people like that do.”

Evans was also ordered to undertake a community sexual offender group work programme, and his computers to be destroyed.