December 2015: Has now been released and has been seen in Canterbury. Now living in Maidstone and has changed name to Stuart Anderson

October 2011

Predator seduced schoolgirls as young as 12


This is the  Canterbury teenager given a seven-year sentence – after being branded a threat to young girls.

Predator Stuart Stevens, 19 groomed THREE schoolgirls aged 12,13 and 14 for sex

But behind the fake charm Stevens brought misery to his victims.

One girl contracted a sexually transmitted disease after unprotected sex with him.

Then he used a close friend of the girl – and another of his sex victims – to make threats of violence to force her to drop rape charges.

Stevens, of Craddock House, Craddock Road, admitted five charges of rape, sexual activity with children and witness intimidation.

He broke down and wept after being sent to a young offender’s institute for seven years.

After the hearing, the parents of one victim said: “What he has done to our daughter is just dreadful.

She is still suffering. She will never be the same again.

“This man targeted vulnerable young girls for his own pleasure.

“I hope he stays inside for a very, very long time.”

Prosecutor Charlotte Newell told how Stevens met the 12-year-old and began “constantly ringing her and texting her”.

The young girl became infatuated – because he was older and had a car.

She would later tell officers that Stevens was “lovely, good-looking and popular with the girls.”

Ms Newell said: “The Crown say that as a result of unprotected sexual intercourse with this 12-year-old girl she contracted chlamydia.”

Later, when Stevens, who worked at National Windscreens in Canterbury, tried to have sex on a second occasion, Stevens began to cry “when she wasn’t keen on the idea”, the prosecutor said.

But behind his warped charm, he was a two-timing, devious bully – who would turn a friend against her, the court heard.

“While he was texting this girl he was carry on a relationship of sorts with another underage girl, who was 13.”

She said Stevens had sex with her in a graveyard after she had drunk half a large bottle of cider in Canterbury.

The second victim later told officers: “When I am drunk I am quite vulnerable.”

In September, the 12-year-old discovered messages from Stevens on her friend’s mobile phone describing her as “a sket” – a slang term for a promiscuous girl.

“The Crown say Stevens played these young girls off against each other.”

Stevens denied orchestrating the hate campaign, claiming someone had used his phone to send the messages.

But in February, before a court hearing on the two sex charges and while he was on bail, he seduced a 14-year-old after telling her to lie about her age.

Eleanor Laws QC , defending, claimed Stevens was “horrified” to discover one of his victims was only 12 and said “this young child did not behave as some 12-year-olds behave”.

Judge Adele Williams told him: “You pose a high risk for reconviction and a high risk of causing serious harm to female children.”

Stevens was banned for working with children for life, ordered to sign the Sex Offenders register and given a 10-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order.