December 2015

Serial child sex abuser sentenced to 20 years


A man who carried out a reign of sexual abuse targeting a number of young girls over a period of years was jailed on Monday, 14 December at Croydon Crown Court.

Clive Broughton, 53 (02.06.62) of Kingsgate Close, Orpington was jailed for 20 years after he was found guilty of 23 offences against eight young girls, including rape of female under the age of 16, at the same court on Friday, 11 December.

The court heard how Broughton – who knew all of his victims – used a series of tactics to coerce and intimidate the girls in order to carry out his abuse.

This included providing alcohol and recreational drugs to them, to using emotional blackmail to convince the victims not to tell anyone about the abuse.

Broughton began his campaign of offending in 1985 and carried on until 2014.

This ranged from physical sexual abuse to taking indecent photographs of his victims.

Throughout the years, none of the victims, some of whom were as young as seven at the time of the abuse, realised the other girls were being targeted.

Many of the victims were tormented by the memory of abuse for many years before having the confidence to come forward and speak to police.

It was only in 2014 when one of Broughton’s victims, aged around 13 at the time the abuse started in the 1994, came forward that the extent of his offending became apparent.

Broughton was arrested in May 2014 and bailed while officers investigated the allegations – from that point Broughton’s attempts to suppress the reality of his actions began to unravel and, as the details of his abuse grew, he was charged with multiple offences in October 2014.