December 2015

Judge’s anger at pervert’s haul of extreme child abuse images

A pervert who watched children as young as four perform sex acts in sickening videos has been jailed for what a senior judge called ‘the most dreadful case’.

Depraved Laurence Elmore was found with scores of disturbing videos and hundreds of illegal still images of children being raped and forced to perform sex acts, Aylesbury Crown Court heard.

The unemployed 35-year-old downloaded videos called “Paedo Girl” and “13-year-old” onto one of two computers which were seized by police officers investigating illegal child abuse images

The strength of evidence against Elmore led to him admitting eight charges relating to the horrific material, including one count of possessing extreme pornography.

A judge told Elmore, of Ringstead Way, Aylesbury, that he had to jail him to ‘stand up for the rights of the silent victims’.

Judge Francis Sheridan told the defendant that the material had been downloaded after Elmore had become ‘bored’ of adult pornography.

The judge jailed him for a year and ordered him to remain on the Sex Offenders’ Register for 10 years.

Shaven-headed Elmore appeared to have his eyes closed throughout much of the court hearing as details of his horrific offending were revealed.

One of the computers was found to have 281 videos of the most serious category, featuring children being raped.

Police officers found a total of 1,522 indecent images at category C, the court was told.

Neil Jarvis, defending Elmore, said the defendant suffered from bouts of depression throughout his life and that led to him downloading the illegal images and videos.

Mr Jarvis said: “This goes back to 2013, at a time when he was suffering from various forms of depression. Unfortunately he turned to this sort of material, in almost unbelievable terms, to provide himself a sense of relief.

“He needs education and help, combined with punishment. This man requires education and he accepts that. He will not receive the attention and requirements of the education he clearly wants to grasp full throttle while in that prison environment.”

Mr Jarvis said Elmore had made full admissions of his offending in a police interview, telling officers ‘You will find some things on my computer I know are wrong.’

However Judge Sheridan said he had no alternative but to send Elmore straight to prison.

Judge Sheridan said: “It is the sort of case where the court has got to spell out why it’s reached the conclusion it has.

“Of the videos [there is] really dreadful material; one entitled ‘Paedo Girl’, ‘13-year-old’ – there is one of a nine-year-old. I have no reason to doubt the names of the videos are accurate.

“Civilised courts in civilised countries have to stand up for the rights of the silent victims. Those people are called children.

“What these children are subjected to is truly, truly disgusting and wicked. It is perfectly clear, looking at the faces of some of those children, they are in distress.

“You were watching them to get a thrill for your own sexual buzz. It really is the most dreadful case.

“I have borne in mind the children’s age and vulnerability and the amount of material. “We are talking a great deal, a very great deal, of illegal material here. This is far, far too serious to consider a community order.”

Elmore admitted seven counts of making indecent images of children and one of possessing extreme pornography at an earlier hearing