December 2015

Convicted sex offender judged ‘imminent risk’ jailed for 15 months


A convicted sex offender in Guernsey has been jailed for 15 months for contacting a juvenile and failing to tell the authorities he had moved house.

21-year-old Nathan Spicer was today described by the judge in the Royal Court as presenting “an imminent risk of reoffending”.

Spicer was convicted of indecent assault involving a child in February this year.

One of the conditions of his release was that he informed the authorities if he moved address.

He did not, and was remanded in custody in the prison ahead of today’s court hearing.

While in prison, he then phoned a girl – another breach of his probation order – something Spicer denied.

Today a telephone call recording was recounted to the court.

Judge Russell Finch said Spicer “lied and flouted the truth until the evidence was insurmountable.”

He added: “I am not satisfied a custodial sentence is enough”, before adding a further three year probation order, which Spicer will have to comply with on his release from prison.

This is the first conviction for breaching a sex offender probation order under new legislation, which was introduced in July this year.