April 2016

Man avoids jail after admitting to possessing indecent images of children

A ST Austell man avoided jail at Truro Crown Court after admitting to having more than 1000 indecent images of children.

Barry Hardman, 26, of Truro Road, St Austell, pleaded guilty to eight counts of possessing indecent images of children.

He was reported to police after a person whose home he was staying at found the images on a laptop.

Judge Christopher Harvey Clarke accepted Hardman had pleaded guilty and been very frank with his admissions.

He said: “I do not make the law but I have to enforce it. The law reflects a general perception among ordinary people that indecent images of children are beyond the pale and they shouldn’t be looked at by anybody.

“They are generally regarded as disgusting and you unfortunately have been tempted to look at such material, presumably for your own sexual gratification, this must stop.

“I’m going to give you the opportunity today to take a programme which will help you from being tempted to look at these images.

“All such images necessarily involve the exploitation of children and that is something which all sensible people in this county regard as completely unacceptable.”

The judge added there was a large amount of category A images found – the most serious category of the offence.

Police found 918 category A images, 611 category B images, and 233 category C images.

He sentence Hardman to a 12 month prison sentence, to be suspended for two years, for the offences.

A sexual harm prevention order will be in effect for 10 years which will prevent Hardman from using any device connected to the internet which cannot record a history of what is looked at.

Police will be able to look at any computers or other devices he uses for the internet for the duration of the order.

He will also have to attend 35 days of sexual offenders treatment and 35 days of rehabilitation.