February 2019

Dundee sex offender caught on CCTV running with till he stole from city chip shop

A brazen thief was caught on camera running with a till he stole from a chip shop.

Registered sex offender Kyle Leonard was jailed after breaking into the Stobbie Chippy on Dura Street and the Co-Op on Albert Street last November.

The 22-year-old was spotted throwing the till over a wall on Albert Street after previously forcing his way into the shop.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard that Leonard was spotted on CCTV before 5am leaving the Co-Op empty-handed, having broken into the shop.

At around 5am, a member of the public walking along Cardean Street passed two men, one later revealed to be Leonard, carrying a rucksack which made a noise that sounded like loose change.

Fiscal depute Laura Bruce said: “At around 5.25am, another member of the public at the corner of Kemback Street saw them walking towards the corner, one with a till on his shoulder.

“He was seen to throw the till over a back wall on Albert Street.”

Police viewed CCTV from the nearby area and Leonard was seen running while carrying the till into a close on Albert Street, where he was living at the time.

As well as £500 in cash inside the till, Leonard made off with a metal box containing £200.

Leonard pleaded guilty on indictment to forcibly removing a joint between doors and trying to break into the Co-Op with intent to steal on November 7 or 8.

He admitted breaking into the chip shop and stealing a quantity of cash and a till.

Solicitor Douglas McConnell said that following his release from prison 14 months ago, Leonard had been studying hairdressing but was high on valium at the time of the offence.

Sheriff Alastair Brown sentenced Leonard to 11 months and two weeks in prison.

September 2017

Dundee sex offender calls Sheriff ‘specky f***’ before brawling with security when told he was going to prison

A SEX offender headbutted the dock, branded a sheriff a “specky f***” then brawled with court security officers when he was told he was going to prison.

Kyle Leonard had been handed a community based sentence after he admitted having sex with three under age girls – but was arrested and hauled back to court last November facing further charges.

Those charges ended up being dropped – but he was locked up for breaching his earlier orders.

When Sheriff George Way told him he was being remanded in custody to await further proceedings Leonard flipped.

Leonard appeared back in the same dock where he had lashed out at the lawman facing a threatening and abusive behaviour charge – the second time he has been convicted of abusing a sheriff in identical circumstances.

Fiscal depute Joanne Smith told Dundee Sheriff Court: “Sheriff Way decided to remand him in custody and the accused was clearly unhappy and began to shout and swear.

“He shouted at the sheriff ‘are you f*****g joking you specky f*** this is a f*****g joke I’m going to lose everything’.

“He was handcuffed to a G4S officer and was making his way to the stairs shouting ‘I don’t f*****g believe this’.

“Without warning he punched and headbutted the glass surrounding the dock.

“Another G4S officer attended to assist and he was put to the ground to try to subdue him.

“Eventually he was restrained and taken to the cells.

“Witnesses including the sheriff were shocked and alarmed at his actions.”

Leonard, 20, a prisoner at HMP YOI Polmont, pleaded guilty on summary complaint to a charge of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner at Dundee Sheriff Court on November 23 last year.

Defence solicitor Douglas McConnell said Leonard is due to be released from jail on his earlier sentence later this month.

He said: “He had a tendency to lash out and he’s been working on that whilst in custody.”

Sheriff Derek Reekie deferred sentence for three months for Leonard to be of good behaviour on his released from custody.

Leonard was last year convicted of hurling abuse at Sheriff Elizabeth Munro during a court appearance on February 2 2016 – again losing the plot when he was locked up.

Narrating the details of that charge at a hearing last year, fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told the court: “He called her a ‘f***** boot’ and repeatedly shouted and swore in the dock.

“The case recalled later and he began shouting again calling her a ‘f***** specky c***’.”

April 2016

Man admits sexual contact with children

A TEENAGER has admitted having sex with three children in Dundee.

Kyle Leonard, 19, committed the offences on separate occasions between the winter of 2013 and the spring of 2014, Dundee Sheriff Court heard.

He admitted to having sex with a child on various occasions between early 2013 and late 2013 at a property in Dundee.

He further admitted having sex with another child at another location within the city between 2013 and 2014.

And he admitted a charge of having sex with a third child over the course of two months in 2014 at another property in Dundee.

Sentence for Leonard — whose address was given in court as Polmont Prison — was deferred for reports until May 17.

Meanwhile, Leonard also appeared on a charge that he shouted and swore inside Dundee Sheriff Court on a date earlier this year.

The former Lawton Terrace resident admitted that, on February 4, at the court, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner — which was likely to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm — in that he repeatedly shouted and swore.

He committed the offence while he was on bail.

Sentence on that was also deferred until May 17.

Laurie Matthew, of Dundee-based Eighteen and Under, says her charity offers support to those who have been victims of cases like these.

She said: “A person of that age is very impressionable and would possibly be flattered by the attention of a young man.

“The child would not have the social skills or life experience, though, to manage such a relationship.

“A child would find it difficult to resist pressures to have sex as it would be outwith the youngster’s experience.

“While the child might be unaware of how this might affect them at the time due to being emotionally immature, the chances are that children who have experienced this might well end up with emotional and psychological problems.

“In Dundee there is support for young survivors of such abuse.

“Eighteen And Under provides a high level of confidential support and young people can just drop in of an evening or make an appoint, if preferred.

“There is also Victim Support and WRASAC who also provide support.”

She added: “Regarding the offender, not enough work is done to stop these men reoffending and unfortunately their sentencing does not reflect the seriousness of the crime.

“Abuse can affect survivors their whole lives but these men often only spend a few months in prison.”