April 2016

Predator caged for sexual offences whilst in the Army


A PRISON officer has been jailed for a child sex offence committed while he was in the Army.

Paedophile John McManus carried out an indecent assault on a young girl while serving as a Royal Highland Fusilier.

The 61-year-old, who committed the offence while on a posting in Germany in the 1980s, was jailed for three years.

He was also put on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

His victim – aged under 13 at the time of the offence – is understood to have contacted authorities in Germany who told the British Army.

The twice-wed father-of-three was working as a prison officer at Brixton in London when he was arrested.

McManus’ past caught up with him during a four-day trial at Catterick Army Camp’s Military Court Centre.

An Army spokesman, said yesterday: “Child abuse is an abhorrent crime and all allegations are treated with the utmost seriousness and sensitivity.

“The Service Police have specialist officers who will investigate, no matter how long ago the alleged offence was committed.”

In the past McManus posted pervy pics on his Facebook page, including one of a slim young blonde with the jokey comment, “Dirty old man at heart”.

And in 2014 he posted comments about his Prison Service job.

He wrote “I sometimes wonder about work, having been in the Army for a long time, I was used to men and women being promoted for their ability, however I am now in the Prison Service and here you get promoted because of who you know not what you know, oh well modern times.”

McManus, who was in the Army from 1972 to 1985, was stationed at Hemer in Germany in 1979, reaching the rank of lance-corporal.

He also saw service in Singapore and Belize and served three tours in Northern Ireland.