May 2016

Smiling face of a beast – Dundee-born paedophile jailed for attacks on Crete


A gun-loving British paedophile has been jailed for almost 20 years for carrying out sex attacks against children while living in luxury in Crete.

Douglas Barr, born in Dundee, Scotland, tortured his young victims and kept them prisoner in a basement during his campaign of abuse on the Greek island, a court heard.

The court was told that cruel Barr shaved his victims’ hair and eyebrows and locked them in a dark basement at his home.

It is understood the abuse against the children stretched back a number of years.

Specific sexual abuse allegations were made concerning two girls.  They both told a high-profile Greek trial that Barr raped them.

Barr was arrested in January last year following a dispute over a car crash he was involved in with a neighbour.

While awaiting trial behind bars over the incident, two of Barr’s victims approached Greek locals with allegations about sexual abuse they claimed they had suffered at his hands.

They, in turn, alerted the Greek and British authorities and a massive international investigation was launched.

He has now been convicted and is behind bars at one of Greece’s most notorious jails after one lawyer described him as the ‘literal definition of barbarity’. 

Allegations of sex abuse were made concerning two girls who told a trial in Greece that they had been raped by the married 56-year-old, who moved to the resort of Tavronitis in 2007. 

The court was told that British state hand-outs were funding his life in Crete amid reports he was receiving up to £4,500 a month.

Pictures have also emerged of the heavily built child abuser posing with a range of guns.


Barr, who lived in Leeds before moving to Crete, was arrested in January last year after a row over a car crash. 

After driving drunk into a parked car, the owner complained only for Barr to return to the scene with a gun.

It was while he was behind bars and awaiting trial that his victims came forward and told locals what had happened to them. British and Greek authorities were notified and an investigation got underway.

Lawyer Notis Fyllakis described Barr in court as as the ‘definition of barbarity’ and ‘ethically spineless’.

‘The psychological and physical violence against these children paints a picture of a villain which not even Charles Dickens could have imagined.

‘I do not believe that this terrible series of events will be resolved easily. It is being investigated by many different levels already.’

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has been liaising with Greek authorities.

A spokesman said: ‘We have remained in contact with Greek authorities since the detention of a British national in January 2015, and continue to provide consular assistance.’

Barr’s wife Julie is understood to have left Crete shortly after he was arrested. She is now working in a childrens dance studio as a receptionist

FROM JOHN JEFFAY AT CASCADE NEWS LTD    0161 660 8087 /  07771 957773 / Syndicated for Sunday Post Douglas Barr A WOMAN who dodged a year in jail for child cruelty on a Greek holiday island has been working at a dance school in Leeds. Julie Barrís husband Douglas is serving almost 20 years for sex crimes against children he tortured and imprisoned in the basement of his villa. She was sentenced to a year behind bars in her absence for child cruelty by a Greek court -  but she  had already fled the country.   Her gun-obsessed husband Douglas, 56, carried out sickening crimes against children on Crete - where his lifestyle was bankrolled by £4,500-a-month of UK benefits cash.

Barr will serve his sentence in Grevena jail in northern Greece, among fellow sex offenders, people traffickers and drug dealers.

The tough prison has become infamous in recent years for chronic overcrowding, food shortages and brutal prisoner beatings.