July 2015

Fraudster who ripped off prisoners by promising to fight convictions is convicted paedophile


A gang of fraudsters who ripped off prisoners by promising to fight their convictions but pocketed £220,000 were jailed for 13 years.

Convicted sex offender Michael Sibbald set up Kingdoms Legal Services in 2011 – while on bail for stealing more than £1m of taxpayers’ cash.

Michael Sibbald, 53, of Tern Way, Wirral, who received a five-year sentence for sexual offences against boys in 1999

The bogus law firm defrauded nine inmates by falsely claiming it would instruct solicitors to appeal against their convictions.

Liverpool Crown Court heard its victims included prisoners serving sentences for murder, sex offences and fraud.

Judge Stephen Everett said: “The audacity of what you did really takes the breath away.

“You were involved in concocting a plan to target highly vulnerable prisoners and their entirely innocent families and friends.

“You then used what seems to me to have been lax security and checking systems in the prison estate to enter prisons masquerading as lawyers or their staff, knowing any discussions between you would be private.

“You made outrageous claims designed to get their hopes up and make them think there was a real chance of a successful appeal when there was none.”