April 2016

Sadistic paedophile told by victim ‘to have fun’ as he was caged

A sadistic paedophile was taunted by his victim as he was caged for 20 years.

Richard Connerton repeatedly raped the young woman during her childhood, from the age of nine, and subjected her to horrific verbal abuse.

But it was her words that rang in his ears when his day of reckoning finally came at a Manchester Crown Court sentencing hearing.

As he went down the steps to start his lengthy sentence, having shown no glimmer of remorse, the woman sitting nearby in the public gallery simply told him:

Connerton, 46, of Roberts Avenue, Rusholme, Manchester, was convicted of eight sex counts against three girls spanning 25 years at a trial.

He was tried twice – with the jury unable to reach a verdict on eight counts in his first trial, and clearing him of seven other charges.

He was re-tried on the outstanding eight and convicted the second time around.

Two of the three victims were subjected to sex assaults, but the third was repeatedly raped, prosecutor Mark Monaghan told the sentencing hearing.

Sentencing him for three counts of indecent assault and five rape charges, Judge Michael Henshell told him: “The offences were all committed against young girls. They were all grave offences. Each of the girls suffered in different ways, (the last victim) suffered great distress as a child, had fears at night, was accused of being a liar, not uncommon in cases, and at one time accused her own father.

(The first victim) had been told no one would believe her, and has suffered all her life. (The second and third victims) only came forward later in life to support the last when they found out you had been raping her over a period of time. There’s very little that can be said about you that could possibly be mitigation.”