June 2016

Gosport grandmother caught with child abuse pictures is spared jail


A perverted grandmother’s who collected a sick hoard of child abuse and bestiality images was discovered after she was caught sharing ‘sick fantasies’ with a paedophile rape gang has avoided prison.

Police raided 49-year-old Janet Robinson’s home in Prideaux Brune Avenue, Gosport, after discovering chat logs on the now-jailed gang’s computers.

Disgusting images were found on her computer, including a six-month-old baby being abused.

The rape gang, including Matthew Stansfield, were jailed last year following a trial at Bristol Crown Court that heard they travelled the country to abuse children.

But Robinson has today been spared jail after a court heard her family are standing by her.

Sentencing, judge Ian Pearson said: ‘It’s an unusual case and a very depressing one at that.’

He added: ‘You were also part of a large group of paedophiles but very much on the periphery and clearly Bristol court thought it right an proper you could be separated off from the other offenders.’

At Portsmouth Crown Court today a judge heard Robinson had a sick hoard of images, including a movie of bestiality with a girl aged between 12 and 13.

Robinson, who has been ‘shunned’ by the community since admitting her crimes last month, talked to men on Skype and Yahoo.

There is no suggestion she abused any children.

Matthew Lawson, prosecuting, said she lifted up one image to show another pervert online.

Mr Lawson said: ‘These offences came to light following police investigation into adult male sex offenders.

‘One being arrested was found to be in contact over Skype with the defendant’s internet address and investigation led the police to the defendant’s address.

‘When they attended her address on June 15 last year she immediately told officers she was the user of that Skype address and that she was the person they were coming for.

‘Investigation of her computers revealed a number of indecent images of children.

Mr Lawson added: The defendant has been chatting over the internet using Skype and Yahoo with a number of men and the chats involved discussions about child sex abuse and bestiality.

‘The defendant also was found with 33 images of bestiality on her computer.

‘The discussions themselves talk about the defendant’s wish to partake in child sex abuse and bestiality.’

Mr Lawson said she even held up an image of abuse while talking to a pervert online – but did refuse to share it by downloading.

Mr Lawson added: ‘She also gives advice to one other person as to how to search for images themselves by using a particular search engine which effectively avoids detection while doing so.’

The court heard she made full admissions to police when arrested and told them she had performed a sex act with a dog before.

Judge Ian Pearson said: This was a sick fantasy of yours, you got your sexual gratification from the male with who you were discussing rather than the images.’

He handed Robinson a 16-month suspended term for the child image offences and a four-month concurrent term for the bestiality. All were suspended for two years.

Robinson was put on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years and banned from contact with children under 16 and from having a dog for 10 years.

She must complete 50 days of rehabilitation activities and pay £350 prosecution costs.

Her equipment will be forfeited and the images destroyed.

Robinson had been charged with intercourse with a dog but pleaded not guilty and Mr Lawson offered no evidence and a not guilty verdict was recorded.


May 2016

Perverted grandmother pleads guilty to indecent images of children

A grandmother from Gosport has admitted having indecent images of children.

Janet Robinson, 49 years old, of Prideaux Brune Avenue, Gosport, pleaded guilty to 14 charges of possession of indecent images and one charge of possession of extreme pornography.

The charge of extreme pornography relates to 33 images of a woman having sexual intercourse with a dog.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard the charges include a movie of the most serious rating, category A.

She had 27 still images at that rating, 24 at category B and 12 at category C.

Robinson had also been charged with having sexual intercourse with a dog but pleaded not guilty and Matthew Lawson, prosecuting, offered no further evidence.

Judge Linda Sullivan QC entered a not guilty verdict on the intercourse charge.

The bulk of the images charges date between January 2010 and June 2015, with the movie charge dating back between April 2006 to June 2015.

Robinson is due to be sentenced on June 3.

Addressing Robinson, judge Sullivan said: ‘All options will be available to the sentencing judge, including immediate custody.’