May 2016

Former assistant head banned from teaching indefinitely


A former assistant head who exposed himself to shocked passers-by from his living room has been banned from teaching indefinitely.

Andrew Beasley, 42, was spotted standing naked through the front window of his home on three occasions while working at Eston Park School in Middlesbrough.

Beasley intentionally exposed his privates to three women including one who was out with her seven-year-old granddaughter, the National College for Teaching and Leadership heard.

The youngster had remarked to his grandmother: ‘Grandma, he’s got no clothes on’. 

May 2014

Neighbour of “naked exhibitionist” former teacher speaks of “hell” at living on same street

IT’S not something you would ordinarily expect to see when going about your daily business – a man parading stark naked in the living room of his home.

But that’s exactly what residents in Allerton Close, a normally quiet cul-de-sac in Northallerton, bizarrely experienced courtesy of former teacher Andrew Beasley.

The father of two, a former deputy head of PE at Eston Park Academy, in Middlesbrough, was dubbed an exhibitionist during his trial on exposure charges at Teesside Crown Court.

He was described on one occasion laughing as he stared out from his window with his genitals on show.

For some of his neighbours however it was far from a laughing matter – not least for the women who witnessed Beasley in a state of undress.

Prosecutor Paul Newcombe said the 40-year-old, who is originally from South Yorkshire, became “emboldened”, with those who witnessed his behaviour initially choosing to give him the benefit of the doubt or simply not wanting to make a fuss.

His defence, meanwhile, attempted to paint a very different picture with the complainants accused of colluding with each other as part of a campaign against him.

Beasley denied he would ever deliberately indecently expose himself and also said one neighbour, who claimed she had seen him expose himself on more than 20 occasions, held a grudge against him for chopping down a tree on railway land near to his home.

He said he wasn’t at home during many of the reported incidents and was either at work, walking the dog, or in one instance out watching a Northallerton Town football match.

In the witness box he performed confidently, even finding time to joke about his apparent propensity for wearing few clothes, along with his fondness for a cheap pair of pink shorts he bought to wear over the summer months.

The jury convicted him of three of the charges he faced, clearing him on six others. He was given an 11 month-long community order by Recorder Anton Lodge, but will not have to register as a sex offender.

The judge said only he could answer the question why he behaved as he did.

Afterwards, a resident of Allerton Close praised police for their support throughout the case, adding: “It has literally been hell what we have been living with.”

Another woman who knows Beasley said he was previously seen as a “fun guy” with a large circle of friends.

She said: “Some of his close mates find it hard to believe what he has done. People who he has convinced he has done nothing wrong will probably stick by him and others will just avoid him.”