September 2015

29-year-old sentenced to 3 years and 8 months for possession and distribution of indecent photos of children

A 29-year-old local man has been sentenced to three years and eight months in prison for being in possession of indecent photographs of children and for five counts of voyeurism.

Colin Fisher was arrested in March, following an investigation by officers of the RGP Safeguarding Unit, and in conjunction with Interpol USA.

Today at his sentencing at the Supreme Court, Chief Justice Anthony Dudley, described the second count, of showing 150 indecent photographs of children between April and September 2014 as the most serious offence.

Chief Justice Dudley said that the victims were clearly pre-pubescent children, highlighting that the existence of a market for these images undoubtedly fuels the abuse of children and the creation of even more horrific images.

The use of software to avoid detection, the young age of the children depicted, the deliberate search for images of young children and the fact that the collection included moving images were all aggravating features.

Fisher was also charged with the possession of 48 indecent photographs.

It has been confirmed that none of the images included any local children, nor is there any evidence to suggest the images were taken in or around Gibraltar.

Two counts of voyeurism involved someone with whom he had a relationship, and the recording of sexual acts without her knowledge, which were then made available to a third party.

Fisher, who had managerial responsibilities at the King’s bastion Leisure Centre prior to his arrest, also secretly installed recording devices in the employees’ changing areas, filming two female members of staff stripping to their underwear.

The remaining three charges of voyeurism relate to that exploitation of his position.

Chief Justice Dudley sentenced the 29-year-old to a total of three years and eight months in prison for all seven charges. Fisher has already served six months of his sentence.