January 2007

Schoolgirl sex man had rape conviction

A LORRY driver who had sex with a 15-year-old schoolgirl in his cab was locked up indefinitely yesterday and branded a dangerous man.

It also emerged at Mold Crown Court that Stephen John Perrin, aged 39, had previously served a four-year jail sentence for rape imposed in 1993.

Judge David Hale said that had he been sentencing Perrin in the normal way, then after a trial he would have received six years.

But he imposed an indeterminate sentence under the dangerous offender provisions, and told Perrin that he did not know when he would be released.

He would be entitled to apply for parole after 33 months but would not be released until the parole board considered he was safe.

Perrin, of Ellis Avenue in Rhyl, had originally denied sexual penetration and sexual touching of a child but changed his pleas to guilty on the day of trial.

The judge told Perrin that he knew that the girl was in a vulnerable position, was unsettled, was sexually active and he took advantage of her.

While in the lorry he asked her to sit next to him and then committed the offences.

The judge ordered him to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, and made an order that banned him from working with children in any way.

Gareth Roberts, prosecuting, told how the offences occurred in the defendant’s lorry. Her family later got to know that she had love bites and the girl confided in her sister what had happened.

Interviewed, he denied that anything at all had happened but forensic examination clearly linked the defendant to the offences.

Defending barrister Kim Whittlestone urged the judge not to apply the dangerous provisions to her client.

She said that the previous rape conviction was in very different circumstances and stressed that there had been no violence or force used in the present offences.

The girl had not been groomed and was a willing participant.

She said that she would take issue with a suggestion that he was a predatory sex offender and said that it was not at his behest that the girl was in his lorry.

He had to accept that he had taken advantage of the situation when he had taken drink. He had acted in a totally inappropriate way.

The defendant was prepared to undergo any courses which the probation service could offer him, Miss Whittlestone said.