May 2016

Pervert stole from wife and downloaded indecent images of children


This is the pervert who was shopped by his estranged wife for stealing from her to pay for porn and dating sites.

However police also found Bangor man Trevor Crothers had images of child sexual abuse and one of of bestiality on his computer.

Pervert Crothers, 63, appeared at Downpatrick Crown Court last week to admit five charges of possessing indecent images of children, one of possessing extreme pornography and two of fraud by misrepresentation.

He was spared jail but received a two-year probation order and was told to complete 100 hours of community service.

Judge Piers Grant also ordered Crothers to repay his wife the £1,318 he had spent on porn and dating sites, warning that he would almost certainly face jail if he failed to do so.

A prosecuting lawyer said Crothers’ ex-wife called cops in October 2012 to tell them about images on his computer and that he was thieving from her account.

Police seized the laptop and other electronic storage devices and found indecent images of children along with an image of bestiality on the laptop.

E-crime’s examination of the laptop also revealed that Crothers had used the terms “teen and pre-teen” in search engines.

Crothers was arrested and interviewed and admitted what he had done, confessing he had used his ex’s account because he had no money in his own account.

He admitted eight offences which occurred on various dates between March 2010 and October 2012.

The prosecutor said while it was accepted that Crothers had paid money into the account he had used, he had accessed the funds without his ex’s approval nor knowledge.

She said Crothers had frittered the cash away on a total of 38 transactions, ranging from £13 to £140.

A defence lawyer said that in dealing “with the distress of the marriage break up,” Crothers had been using legal adult porn but had “pushed the boundaries,” adding that he now accepted it wasn’t a victimless crime and he was ashamed of his behaviour.

The lawyer said Crothers is due an early retirement package later this month including a lump sum of around £6,000 which he will use to compensate his estranged wife.

Judge Grant imposed a five year Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO) which bars Crothers from having electronic devices without approval. He told Crothers: “Without you and people like you looking for these images they would not be created.”

He said the child victims depicted are exposed to terrible deprivation and degradation.