November 2020

Scarborough paedo downloaded child-sex videos onto new ‘secret’ phone 

A notorious Scarborough paedophile has been jailed yet again after he was caught with indecent images of children and breaching a court order designed to protect young boys.

Ian Alexander Jubb, 29, had been banned from buying a mobile phone without informing the authorities after being convicted of sex offences against an under-age boy in 2016, when he was jailed for 32 months.

Following his release from prison, police kept tabs on Jubb’s internet use under a court order designed to keep children safe from harm, York Crown Court heard.

When officers turned up at his home for a routine check on September 10, they found evidence on Jubb’s mobile that he had bought a new phone which he had “concealed”, York Crown Court heard.

Officers searched the property and found the new Samsung phone, on which they found three indecent images of children, including two videos featuring sex scenes involving pre-teen boys, said prosecutor Mike Greenhalgh.

Jubb, of North Marine Road, was arrested and hauled in for questioning but refused to answer police questions about the images or payments he had made for a new mobile contract.

He ultimately admitted two counts of possessing indecent images, as well as breaching a sexual-harm prevention order and failure to comply with notification requirements as a registered sex offender.

He was due to be sentenced in October but the case was postponed as police probed evidence of further illicit online behaviour.

The investigation revealed that Jubb had more than 20 other indecent images on his phone, including nine Category A videos involving the serious sexual abuse of youngsters.

They also found Category B and C images, but the three new offences ultimately did not form part of the charges and were merely taken into consideration by the court.

Jubb finally appeared for sentence via video link on Friday when he confirmed his name.

Prosecuting barrister Mr Greenhalgh said Jubb had set up a bank account that was used to buy a new mobile without informing police, which contravened a court order forcing him to keep the authorities abreast of his financial arrangements.

The court was told of Jubb’s lengthy record of child sex offences dating back to 2009.

In 2012, he was convicted of inciting a boy under 13 years of age to engage in sexual activity and possessing indecent images.

In May 2016, he was jailed for two years and eight months for breaching a sexual-offenders’ order and possessing indecent images. He was also placed on the sex-offenders’ register for life.

Recorder Jonathan Sandiford QC said Jubb posed a “serious risk” to children, namely young boys, and had deliberately flouted court orders by owning a new phone capable of accessing the internet without informing police.

He also noted Jubb’s initial denial that he had a new phone when police swooped on his home in September.

Jubb received a 32-month jail sentence, of which he will serve half behind bars before becoming eligible for parole.

He remains subject to lifelong notification requirements and the sexual-harm prevention order, which will also run indefinitely.

May 2016

Man jailed after grooming young boy during web chats


A Scarborough paedophile has been jailed for grooming a young boy while gaming online.

Ian Alexander Jubb, 24, offered the youngster money and asked him to send pictures of himself during internet chats.

Jubb’s exploitation of the under-age boy occurred while he was on a community order for a similar grooming offence.

Jubb appeared at York Crown Court on Thursday after pleading guilty to contravening a sexual-offences prevention order and three breaches of police notification requirements.

He was brought up from the cells to be sentenced on two indictments including eight counts of making indecent images of children.

Prosecutor Nicoleta Alistari said that in January 2015, the boy’s parents, who live in Wales, reported Jubb to police after discovering the online chats.

She said Jubb had blocked one online account but set up another under a different name, on which he sent the boy messages and Christmas cards. He told the boy he was 19 years’ old and drove an Audi with a personalised number plate.

Jubb was jailed for four years, placed on the sex offenders’ register for life and made the subject of a sexual-harm prevention order, to run indefinitely.