Update: Has connections to Great Yarmouth and Harold Hill, Romford

March 2011

Pervert jailed after comments made to journalist posing as girl in web chat room

A MAN has been jailed after he made sexual comments online to a freelance investigative journalist posing as a 13-year-old girl.

Mark Bloomfield, 34, from Aspley, used the chat room headed “no adults”, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

Journalist Peter Jackson was investigating someone else when he received a message in May 2009 from Bloomfield.

Working under a female screen name online, the reporter was asked by Bloomfield to send a picture and asked if “she” would pose for him and he would pay £100.

In further chats he talked about touching her.

And he even suggested a meeting in July that year and for a friend to go along.

Mr Jackson reported his findings to the News of the World and police.

Bloomfield, now of Coronation Terrace, Great Yarmouth, was arrested at his address in Aspley.

At court, he pleaded guilty to five charges of causing or inciting a female under 16 years to engage in sexual activity.

Judge Andrew Hamilton jailed him for two years.

After his release, Bloomfield will sign the sex offenders’ register for ten years and be subject to restrictions on a sexual offences prevention order.

The judge heard Bloomfield was cautioned in 2004 for possessing indecent photos of children.

The defendant had an interest in young girls and for that reason accessed this internet service headed “no adults”, he added.

“You believed that the person you were contacting was a 13-year-old. You made, on five occasions, contact with ‘her’, with the attempt to incite her to commit various acts, to encourage her to do various things, to see what her interest would be, to see how much money you had to offer to make her do certain things.

“Whether you would have gone ahead with a meeting is in dispute. You showed a great interest in that child and her friend and clearly the interest was for your sexual gratification.

“When you were arrested you had the opportunity then to be frank with police, you chose not to do so. You gave your correct date of birth on the chat line, which would have proved rather damaging evidence if this matter had proceeded to trial.”

The court heard he did not intend to meet the “girl”.

“The victim of the offending was a reporter,” said Andrew Wesley, mitigating. “There was never a child involved in this particular case.”