May 2011

Six breaches of sex crime order


A 25-YEAR-OLD man who admitted six breaches of his Sexual Offences Prevention Order has been handed two years of supervision.

Bristol Crown Court heard Shaun Parnell, 25, was placed under the order – a SOPO – by magistrates in August last year and it was designed to keep him away from youngsters aged under 16.

Parnell, whose address was withheld by the court, admitted falling foul of the SOPO by attending two parties, sleeping in a house where there were youngsters, going for a walk and cycle ride with children, as well as a fishing trip.

The breaches happened between September and October last year.

Julian Howells, prosecuting, told the court that, in September last year, Parnell attended two birthday parties were children were present, contradicting the terms of his order.

At one of the events, Parnell put up a bouncy castle and gazebo and chatted to youngsters, Mr Howells said.

The court heard Parnell also got drunk and stayed overnight at an address where youngsters were, again breaching his SOPO.

Parnell only admitted that he had previous criminal convictions for car crime to the children’s parents.

Mr Howells said further breaches occurred when Parnell went for a walk with youngsters in Dundry, as well as a cycle ride in Hengrove Park and a fishing trip.

A police spot check established Parnell was with the youngsters when he shouldn’t have been.

Parnell told police he had thought people knew about his SOPO, though accepted some didn’t.

The court heard his previous sexual offence involved an indecent assault on an 11-year-old girl, for which he was handed a community rehabilitation order, amended to 18 months in a young offenders’ institution.

Timothy Rose, defending, handed the court positive references for his client.

He stressed the SOPO breaches did not involve physical abuse of children.

He also told the court that Parnell’s father was also called Shaun and, following publicity surrounding the case, he had been the target of attacks.

The judge referred Parnell to the community learning disability service and said he would review the case on a monthly basis.