June 2016

Paedophile, 26, travelled 100 miles to rape girl, 12


A paedophile travelled 100 miles to rape a 12-year-old girl and threatened to circulate explicit pictures she sent him at her school, a court heard.

Mark Greenall, 26, persuaded her to send him indecent images of herself with ‘a relentless tsunami’ of requests after they met on an online chatroom and swapped mobile numbers. 

When she refused to send him pictures of herself in her underwear or topless, he threatened to print images she had already sent and hand them out to her classmates. 

He pressurised her to have sex with him and when she refused, he posted a topless picture of her on a website and sending her a screengrab to show her he was serious. He even threatened to kill himself in order to manipulate the girl.

She eventually agreed and Greenall travelled 119 miles from his home in Liverpool to a hotel in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, where he raped and orally raped her on February 12.

Greenall pleaded guilty to two charges of rape and one of oral rape earlier this year but the case was adjourned to give the prosecution time to consider charging him with further offences.

He has now also admitted making indecent images of the girl, distributing images of her and disclosing a ‘private sexual photograph’ with intent to cause her distress.

Greenall is currently in custody and was due to be sentence on Friday but the judge refused after he was haded a detailed report saying he poses a danger to children too late to be properly considered. 

Warwick Crown Court Recorder Michael Burrows QC said: ‘Ten to six on a Friday and I am handed a report which says he’s a high risk of [causing] sexual harm.

‘I am troubled by the issue of dangerousness. I need time to consider this. I’m not going to start to sentence at ten to six, having been handed a report like this.’

The judge adjourned the case until later this month but rejected an application for Greenall to be granted bail.

He added: ‘We are only talking about the length of the sentence not the nature of it. I think it’s best he starts that today.’

The court heard Greenall first made contact with the girl, who lives with her family in north Warwickshire, through a chat site and they then also began exchanging text messages.

Prosecutor Delroy Henry said there were over 2,000 pages of texts between Greenall and the victim, with 80 pages containing messages of a sexual nature.

He added: ‘What then happens is that the defendant embarks on a relentless tsunami of requests for images of her.

‘On some days there are persistent requests for images of an indecent nature, despite her reluctance, and when she refuses he becomes manipulative.

‘Matters persist in which this defendant introduces explicit sexual language which is very graphic and very detailed and he seeks to encourage her to get her friends to take images as well.’

The court heard to encourage the girl to send pictures Greenall told her he would send her presents.

He sent her a picture of a diamond ring and on one occasion he falsely claimed to have taken an overdose because of her reluctant attitude.

Prosecutor Mr Henry said Greenall then moved on to introduce the topic of them meeting and going to a hotel room for sex.

To punish her for her reluctance to ‘meeting and f*****g me’ he posted a snap of the girl exposing her breasts on a website and sent her a screen-grab to show what he had done.

He persuaded the girl to meet him for sex and booked a room at a hotel in Bermuda Park, Nuneaton, which he travelled to from Liverpool by train on February 12.

Mr Henry added: ‘She had told her mother she was staying at a friend’s house, a lie he had encouraged her to tell, and they checked into room 418 where they spent the night together.

‘He undressed her and raped her both orally and vaginally and the next morning he asked her for sex again, and they embarked on intercourse before showering together and getting dressed and leaving the hotel room.’

The court heard Greenall was caught after the girl’s mother saw a Facebook message to the effect that she was no longer a virgin, having slept with her boyfriend in a hotel.

Police were called and were able to identify the paedophile from CCTV footage of him checking in and the credit card he had used to pay for the room.