March 2009

Convicted sex offender cleared of sending girl kinky pics of himself


A RUGBY man who was cleared of sending an 11-year-old girl a link to kinky pictures of him in women’s underwear claimed he was being ‘set up’ by the girl’s mother and uncle.

Jeffrey Mitchell, who had ‘several previous sex convictions’ alleged they had done so because they were having an affair and he had threatened to tell her husband.

And a jury at Warwick Crown Court found Mr. Mitchell, 40, of Nelson Way, Rugby, not guilty to two charges of causing a child to watch a sexual act, which he had denied.

The court heard that Mr. Mitchell had previous convictions for indecent exposure and was jailed in 1990 for indecently assaulting a child.

Prosecutor Stephen Thomas said that towards the end of 2006, the 11-year-old girl, who lives in Rugby, received an e-mail from Mitchell’s e-mail address which contained various images of him.

She deleted them, but remembered that they included pictures of him wearing a baby doll nightie, women’s underwear and half-naked, and told her mother.

Mitchell later contacted the girl by e-mail again and apologised, saying they had been sent by accident, so the girl’s mother decided to let matters lie.

But in April 2007, it was alleged that Mr. Mitchell sent the girl five separate links to a site containing pictures of him posing naked and semi-naked and indulging in sexual activity.

Meanwhile, Mr. Thomas alleged that Mitchell contacted the girl’s mother and apologised for what had happened and tried to persuade her not to go to the police – but she did, and he ‘chose to say nothing’ when he was arrested and interviewed.

Philippa Page, defending, put to the girl: “What I am going to suggest is that you have been asked by your mum and (uncle) to support what they say about Jeffrey Mitchell sending these e-mails.” The girl replied: “No.”

Miss Page continued: “Jeffrey Mitchell never sent these e-mails to you in April 2007 or before Christmas.”

But the girl answered: “He did send the e-mails.”

The barrister put to both the girl’s mother and to her uncle that they were having an affair – which they both vehemently denied.

And they also strongly denied her suggestion that, knowing of the site with the pictures of Mitchell, and using the uncle’s computer knowledge, they had decided to ‘set him up’ because Mr. Mitchell had

threatened to expose their alleged relationship.

He said he had put pictures of himself on a site where they could be shared by consenting adults, but denied sending links to the girl and, of an alleged ‘chat log’ between them, claiming: “I think it’s fabricated.”