October 2020: Released back to Ince/Wigan

June 2016

Teen jailed after raping four-year-old


Vile perverted internet games involving horrific child sex abuse led a teenage student to rape a four-year-old girl.

Philip O’Brien spent hours alone in his bedroom playing roles in the online games in which child characters were abused and tortured.

The judge said: “Games involving sexual abuse and torture were found on your computer, particularly babysitting scenarios”

A stunned court listened in silence to how one such game would end if the child character died and the player would have to start over again.

Sentencing 19-year-old O’Brien to eight years detention with an extended one year licence Judge Andrew Hatton said: “You had been an active player in these games and you saw a game through to reality by sexually abusing this girl.”

He said that his involvement in the games came to light after police seized his computer after the victim told her shocked mum what he had done to her. As well as 302 prohibited images of children the internet games were also found.

“Games involving sexual abuse and torture were found on your computer, particularly babysitting scenarios,” said Judge Hatton.

He pointed out that when quizzed by the child’s parents and later the police he denied the allegation of orally raping the girl who consequently had to go through the ordeal of giving evidence via video link at a pre-trial hearing.

Sarah Holt, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court that the offence came to light in May last year after the girl suddenly announced to her mum that he had abused her.

Her devastated mum asked her to repeat what she had said which she did and after discussing the matter with her husband and relatives the police were informed.

The case was listed for trial but this was postponed so material on his computer could be examined and 302 prohibited images of children were found as well as the internet games.

One of these involved “children” aged between one and nine being abused, tortured, mutilated and burnt, she said.

O’Brien, of Broomfield Terrace, Ince, who has no previous convictions, pleaded guilty to oral rape. He does not face any charges relating to the indecent images.