June 2016

Baby rapist jailed for 12 years


A paedophile who filmed himself raping a baby was jailed for just 12 years.

Police raided 56-year-old Stuart Tomlinson’s home in Liverpool to look for indecent images of children on his computer on July 22 last year.

But as officers examined the sick stash discovered on his equipment, they recognised Tomlinson in a video, which showed him raping the child.

Judge Andrew Menary, QC, said Tomlinson spent hours “trawling the internet in order to satisfy your depraved sexual appetite” then took his offending even further.

He said: “Your victims speak of understandable stress, shock and outrage of what has been discovered.

“Any right-thinking member of society will be horrified and disgusted to hear what you have done.”

Martine Snowdon, prosecuting, said Tomlinson made no comment, both when arrested over the images and when re-arrested over the 11-minute clip.

The lawyer told Liverpool Crown Court the video showed Tomlinson, now of Wakefield Drive, Moreton , “treating it as a game” with the baby.

Tomlinson had also secretly filmed adult women and girls going to the toilet and had five extreme animal pornography videos.

He was found to possess 71 Category A videos – the most serious category – plus nine Category B and five Category C videos.

The baby’s parents told the court “our whole world was destroyed” when police informed them of the abuse.

Her dad said: “I pray to God every day that she can’t remember anything about what has happened to her.”

One of the women who was secretly recorded by Tomlinson said the incident had “changed her life forever”.

Another said she felt “sickened and repulsed” by him and the fact he filmed victims for his “sick and perverted pleasure”.

A third victim said “it was hard to believe someone could be so twisted” and described him as a “dishonest and vile predator”.

Ms Snowdon told the court that Tomlinson’s offending was aggravated by the baby’s age and “the potential extreme impact this will have on her life”.

Tomlinson admitted rape of a child under 13, five counts of voyeurism and two counts of making indecent photographs of children.

He also pleaded guilty to three counts of possessing indecent images of a child and one of possessing extreme pornography.

The pervert, who sat with his head bowed in court, has no previous convictions.

Michael O’Brien, defending, said: “The defendant understands the court’s powers and accepts he will remain in prison for a very long time. He also accepts he deserves to.”

He said Tomlinson had expressed remorse and regret but could not explain his behaviour.

Judge Menary handed Tomlinson 12 years behind bars, with an additional 12 months on licence.

He will only be released after six years if a parole board deems he is no longer a risk and could otherwise serve the entire term.

The judge also gave him an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order and restraining order and told him to sign on the Sex Offenders Register for life.

As emotionless Tomlinson was sent down, a family member of one of the victims shouted: “Don’t think it’s over.”