June 2016

Pervert jailed after victims come forward


Two women – who revealed as children they were victims of a vile sex attacker – have finally received justice after 30 years.

The victims told of their ordeal in the 1980s but alleged that they were then pressured into withdrawing their claims.

But now a jury at Canterbury Crown Court has ruled their allegations were truthful and convicted David Feaver of rape and indecency with children.

Their vile 54-year-old attacker has now been given a 22-year extended jail sentence for his sick crimes.

Feaver, of Belmont Road, Ramsgate, was found guilty of raping a girl under 13 and five charges of indecency with a child and indecent assault.

Judge Heather Norton said the victims had told people about the attacks in the mid 1980s and Feaver was arrested and charged.

She said there had been “clear and cogent” evidence against him and he was taken to court – only for the case to be dropped.

The judge said the children had made retraction statements, the case discharged and Feaver allowed to walk free only for him to attack again 25 years later.

Another person was later charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice by putting pressure on the girls to change their story.

Judge Norton said that although the jury acquitted that person – who had denied the offence – the children “must have been put under pressure”.

She added: “No blame can be attached to these victims who were both very young at the time. The blame for these offences lies with you.”

The judge revealed that in 2011 Feaver was convicted on similar sex charges and jailed for 11 years – and again in 2015 he sexually assaulted a woman.

She told him: “The probation report says you act and behave in a manipulative and predatory way.

“There are worrying deficits in your thinking skills and you have shown limited remorse or insight into your crimes.

“I have no hesitation in concluding that you pose a significant risk to members of the public. You are a dangerous offender .”

The judge jailed him for 18 years and ordered he serve another four years on licence if an when he is released.”