June 2016

‘Watch indecent images and expect visit’ – judge warns

A JUDGE has warned that people who download indecent images of children can expect a knock on their door.

Judge Geraint Walters, sitting at Mold Crown Court yesterday, said police now had the technology to detect wrongdoers.

“Police have the ability today more so than ever to be able to police to some extent the internet,” he said.

Those behaving that way needed to understand that it was only a question of time before there was a knock on the door, the judge told the court.

He added: “I am constantly amazed by the fact that there are still people doing this, running the risk that they will be caught,” he said.

He told defendant Paul William Route that what people like him who spent a lot of time on the internet did not understand was that they became acclimatised by what they were seeing.

The shock value diminished and the need to look at something more shocking arose.

“That is why people end up committing sentences of this sort,” he said.

But the victims in the films were real children being abused by adults, the judge told the court.“Each time an adult looks at that image, that child is being abused again,” he said.

Route, 56, of Almond Grove in Rhosnesni, Wrexham, admitted three charges of making indecent images by downloading them from the internet, five charges of possessing them and one charge of possessing a prohibited image.

The court heard that when police acting on intelligence that an IP address at Route’s home was being used to download images, he was found to have 76 videos and six images of category A, B and C.

Mark Connor, defending, said his client had no previous convictions and he was suitable for assistance in the community.

The judge said the sentence was intended to “cure the defendant of his addiction”.

He was placed on a three-year community order and sent on an internet community sex offender programme and 90 days’ rehabilitation.

Route was also placed on the sex offender register for five years and he was made the subject of a fiveyear sexual harm prevention order to curb his future use of the internet