June 2016

Pervert banned from town after preying on teenagers


Devious David Pilcher claimed he liked to travel from his home in Sittingbourne to the town where he once lived to go “for walks along the seafront”.

But a judge rejected his claim, telling the 45-year-old deviant that his purpose in taking the train to Herne Bay was to grope young girls.

Now pervert Pilcher has been banned from going anywhere near the town after his latest attack.

And he has been given a five-year extended jail sentence and ordered to sign on the sex offenders’ register.

After he was jailed for the terrifying assault on a 15-year-old, her father revealed how HE was threatened with arrest after tracking down the pervert.

The angry dad had received a call from his daughter who was with friends when she spotted the man who had carried out the assault weeks earlier.

After ensuring the girls were safely in a taxi, he followed Pilcher from Herne Bay station while talking to police on his mobile phone.

“I told them my daughter had recognised him and asked for them to send an officer to arrest him, but they told me I might have the wrong man.

“It was clear that Pilcher was aware I was following and he tried to get away as I was asking the police for help.

It was then I was told that unless I stopped following the man I could be arrested for harassment.

“I couldn’t believe what I was being told.”

It would be several months before Pilcher would be arrested and charged with the sex assault which took place near the station last year.

During the prolonged assault the girl was asked to show her breasts to the leering Pilcher who then groped her before running away.

The father said that as a result of the incident his daughter’s schoolwork suffered.

“She felt too frightened to go out just in case she was attacked again and as she was preparing for her exams the court case just dragged on for months causing her even more stress and worry,” he said.

Canterbury Crown Court heard how Pilcher has previous convictions exposing himself and assaults on girls aged between 13 and 16, as well as a woman, in Herne Bay.