June 2016: Rawlins is now living in Paignton

October 2000

Man sentenced for inflicting serious multiple injuries on 8-week old baby boy


Picture of Rawlins is recent 

A man who was found guilty of inflicting terrible injuries on a baby boy has been jailed.

Unemployed Jeremy Martin Rawlins of Torquay appeared before Exeter Crown court on 13 October, 2000 for the offence of grievous bodily harm of a child which was committed in 1999.

The court heard that the 8-week-old baby boy suffered 13 broken bones including several ribs, spiral fractures in an arm and a leg and a subdural haematoma which is a serious condition where blood collects between the skull and the surface of the brain which was caused by a head injury inflicted on him by Rawlins.

The court was told that the mother found the child fitting and immediately rushed him to the hospital where upon arrival the baby stopped breathing. He was resuscitated.

The court was told that 33-year-old Rawlins was also found guilty of breaking a seven-month-old girl’s arm and a charge of burglary of a person close to the case.

When asked why he had attacked the children, Rawlins blamed alcohol for his actions. 

Rawlins was sentenced to just 15 months imprisonment.

He showed very little remorse before or during the trial.