June 2016

Convicted rapist jailed after being caught in online sting


A convicted rapist has been jailed for 20 months after he was caught attempting to meet a schoolgirl for sex after he had groomed her online.

Neil Ivall & Katie Ivall aka ‘Chris Fear’ snared vile Carl Brown of Bungay after the pervert began messaging them thinking he was talking to a young schoolgirl.

The couple had created a fake account to catch paedophiles and Brown was soon passing on messages saying how he wanted to meet up for sex with the child

This week Brown was sentenced at Great Yarmouth Crown Court after pleading guilty to attempting to meet a female child who was aged under 16 following online grooming

The court was told that Brown was a convicted rapist who had previously served 7 and half years in Wayland and Littlhey prisons who had broken both his previous sex offenders prevention order and bail conditions

Video below shows the moment Brown is exposed