June 2016

Man, 34, jailed for seven years after sex abuse of girl


Paedophile Eli Crews has been jailed for seven years for sexually assaulting a young girl – and taking indecent photos and videos of her on his mobile phone and for wanting to rape a three-year-old

The incriminating material was discovered when police raided the 34-year-old’s bedsit, where they found more than 21,000 indecent images of children – and more than 1,400 videos – on his phone and laptop.

Most were downloaded from the internet, but police later found more than 100 of them had been taken by Crews himself.

‘He talked of ‘finding a heroin addict or street hooker with a little girl’ who would let him look after her child’

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard police executed a search warrant at Crews’s home in Gilman Street, Hanley, on March 15.

When he failed to let them in, they forced the door and found him ‘bent over his laptop’.

He had thrown his mobile phone out of the window.

Officers found a pair of child’s knickers in a drawer, and a child’s fancy dress costume in a cupboard.

Prosecutor Elizabeth Power said: “The laptop computer and mobile phone were analysed.

“A report showed on the phone there were first generation images – images that were taken by the defendant. These incorporated 109 still images and six videos.”

‘This is one of the most serious cases of this type’

The court heard Crews had been a member of online chat rooms and had shared indecent images of children.

Police found evidence of a conversation in which he talked of ‘finding a heroin addict or street hooker with a little girl’ who would let him look after her child.

He also talked of wanting to rape a three-year-old.

Crews pleaded guilty to a total of 24 charges, including two of sexually assaulting a child under 13, engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child, and taking indecent photographs of a child.

He has a previous conviction relating to indecent images of children from 2012, for which he received a suspended sentence.

Judge Paul Glenn said Crews was guilty of ‘truly disgusting conduct’ and gave him an extended sentence of 10 years.