June 2016

Connah’s Quay man in his mid-40s pretended to be 14-year-old boy to groom girls


A MAN in his mid-40s pretended to be a boy of 14 when he invited young girls to indulge in sex acts.

Warehouseman Stephen Giles Tippit was jailed for four years when he appeared at Mold Crown Court yesterday.

Tippit, of Uplands Avenue, Connah’s Quay, was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for life. An indefinite sexual harm prevention order was also made. He admitted two charges of inciting a girl aged 11 and another aged 14 to indulge in sexual activity and possessing three indecent images of children.

Judge Geraint Walters said such offences were all too familiar.

Police had seized Tippit’s computer equipment and found he had downloaded five indecent images of children in category B and C. None was in the most serious category A but the more serious offences were two of inciting children to engage in sexual activity over the internet.

He pretended to be a boy of 14 while in one case the girl was aged just 11.

The judge told Tippit: “I have read the messages that passed between you and her. You were grooming her effectively to comply with your requests that she provide indecent photographs of herself.”

He did not succeed.

But the other girl, aged 14 and from abroad, had sent him a photograph of herself indulging in a sexual act.

“Offences of this sort are rightly viewed as serious by the courts,” Judge Walters said.

“Grown men such as you, now aged 46, pretend to be teenage boys to persuade misguided and naive young girls to expose themselves or engage in sexual activity. It is all too prevalent.”

The courts needed to make clear that those who engaged in such activities must expect sentences reflecting society’s displeasure at that kind of activity.

Barrister Simon Rogers, prosecuting, said police in the Leicester area received information that an Instagram profile Thai Boy 08 purported to be a boy aged 14 and had been in conversation with a girl aged 11.

Inquiries revealed he was not a teenage boy but the defendant.

He had asked for naked pictures of a girl of 11. She declined but she did send a picture of her stomach.

Tippit told her one day he would pin her against a wall and kiss her. She said he tried to make arrangements to meet her.

In February, 2015 police executed a search warrant at Tippit’s home and found five indecent images of children.

Interviewed, he said he suffered from depression and started using Instagram to speak to other sufferers and said he found it good to talk.

He then began to speak to young girls. One was aged 14 from abroad who had been the victim of sexual abuse and he started to talk to her about it. However, he started to allow himself to enter a fantasy world where he would pretend to be a young male while speaking to schoolgirls.

He found the images of young girls sexually gratifying and said he enjoyed having control and dominance over the girl.

Tippit told police he found girls aged 11 to 15 sexually attractive when speaking to them and when viewing images of them. But he said he had allowed the battery on the computer to run out and he placed it back in the box because he knew what he was doing was wrong.