June 2016

Probation for child sex beast


The family of a young sexual assault victim are furious after her attacker got just three years probation

Larne man James Crawford McNeish made a last minute guilty plea on three sex charges at Antrim court.

The 48-year-old of Walnut road, Larne was convicted of:

  • Sexual assault on a child

  • Inciting a child to commit a sexual act

  • Attempting to incite a child to commit a sexual act

The court was told that the child was just seven years old at the time of the abuse

McNeish, originally from the Isle of Arran in Scotland carried out the assaults on the child between January and October 2014, when he purposely made sure they were alone together in his van.

He had become trusted by the family of the victim, but repeatedly preyed on the girl when they were alone after grooming her. And McNeish was prepared to put the child through the ordeal of a trial and to give evidence until he changed his plea and the last minute.

The young victims family say the crimes have had a big impact on her life, and are now afraid to let her go out.

The child’s words on the way to court were that she wanted him to go to jail. But the family have not had the heart to tell her that hes not in prison.

One of the family said: “She should be able to go out and play without the fear of seeing him”

The court was told that McNeish has previous convictions for serious sexual abuse against several females. 

The judge took into account that McNeish was a carer for his wife. (However the victims family observed that each day she drove him to court)

Under the terms of his sentence, unemployed McNeish is subject to a 10-year sexual offences prevention order which prohibits him from transporting children under 18, frequenting areas near childrens play parks or schools without permission and no contact with anyone aged under 18 unless it has been officially approved.

He was told he must register as a sex offender for a period of 5-years