June 2016

Exeter hotel worker searched the web for child rape movies


A hotel worker who scoured the internet for child rape videos has been ordered to attend a sex offenders’ course.

Daniel Gray was caught with 326 items on five different devices including 247 videos which showed very serious abuse of girls as young as three.

He was traced by police to his home in Exeter after experts intercepted his use of peer-to-peer internet sites from which he downloaded most of the videos.

Officers found vile searches in his internet histori, Exeter Crown Court was told.

Gray, aged 31, of Wrefords Lane, Exeter, admitted three counts of making indecent images of children and was jailed for 12 months, suspended for two years and ordered to attend the internet sex offenders’ treatment programme as part of two years supervision.

Recorder Mr Martin Meeke told him:”It is clear you were searching for material showing children as young as three being penetrated by older males.

“The aggravating features are the age of the children, these were predominantly moving images rather than pictures and the searches were of the worst kind.

“The sentencing guidelines say where there is a prospect of rehabilitation, a treatment programme can be a proper alternative to immediate custody as a way to ensure there is no reoffending.”

The judge imposed a sexual harm prevention order which allows the police to monitor Gray’s use of the internet and ordered him to sign on the sex offenders’ register for ten years.

Miss Francesca Whebell said police received intelligence in May 2015 Gray was accessing movies and images from a peer-to-peer site and seized computers from the home where he was living at the time in Exeter.

She said search terms were found in the internet history which showed Gray had been looking for material depicting serious abuse of children as young as three.

He had 247 movies and seven stills which came into the worst category A, and 72 items in the two lower categories B and C.

He admitted having images and movies on five different devices and admitted having a sexual interest in children.

Mr Warren Robinson, defending, said Gray’s openness and acceptance of his problem meant he was an ideal candidate for a treatment course which would provide far better protection to the public than a short jail sentence.