June 2016

Man jailed for seven years for raping drunk 15-year-old


A MAN who raped a drunk 15-year-old girl in her own home has been jailed for seven years.

Martin Payton twice raped the girl, who was so drunk that she vomited and passed out before the incident, in her own home in Warrington.

The 28-year-old attended a party at the victim’s home in May 2014 for which he had bought alcohol after being asked by the girl, who was in year 10 at school at the time.

After being ‘rendered senseless’ through alcohol consumption, the girl vomited, passed out and had to go to bed.

She later found herself in the same bed as Payton, of Old Wargrave Road in Newton-le-Willows, in the early hours and the pair began to kiss.

Payton then began to touch her and had sex with her – the victim describes her recollection as ‘unclear and hazy’ but remembers him being on top of her.

When she woke up her lower clothing had been removed and there was blood on the sheets – she went downstairs ‘confused, crying and upset’.

He then asked her if she wanted to have sex but the girl refused and went back to sleep.

Waking up again at around 5am, she found that her lower clothes had again been removed and had ‘no idea’ what had happened – Warrington Crown Court heard on Monday that it was likely that Payton had raped her while she was unconscious.

Payton was arrested admitted having sex with the girl on two occasions but said it was consensual and that he thought she was 16 – he later admitted two counts of rape but not until the first day of his trial earlier this year.

A victim personal statement that was read out in court said that the 15-year-old was previously an ‘outgoing, sociable person’ who regularly attended school and achieved good grades.

The court heard that she was ‘polite and kind’ to people and her teachers reported that they ‘couldn’t wish for a nicer girl’.

But she describes that ‘things went off the rails’ after the rape, leading to her missing school, failing exams, losing confidence and self-esteem, having panic attacks and sleeping problems, experiencing stress and anxiety and drinking and taking drugs.

She added that Payton had ‘taken her childhood away from her’.

Judge Tina Landale sentenced Payton to seven years imprisonment, plus an indefinite sexual harm prevention order and a victim surcharge – he will serve half of his sentence before being released on license.