December 2020

Serial Aberdeen flasher who hid from cops in long grass banned from parks, beaches and woodland

A serial flasher caught crawling through long grass to hide from cops has been banned from parks, beaches and woodland.

Pervert Victor Rae flashed at a female dog walker at Tyrebagger Hill.

Rae, who has convictions for similar offences exposed his genitals and performed a sex act during the incident on March 17.

The terrified woman contacted police who immediately attended and searched the area for 49-year-old Rae, before spotting him on all fours crawling through long grass trying to hide.

And now Rae, who the court heard had “urges” to expose himself, has been banned from parks, leisure parks, beaches and forest areas unless he has the prior approval of his supervising officer.

He was also ordered not to approach, follow or communicate with unknown females in public.

Fiscal depute Susan Love told Aberdeen Sheriff Court: “At around 2pm a witness was in Tyrebagger Woods walking her dog.

“She saw a male, the accused, standing 8-10 metres into the woods by a tree.

“At this time she saw he was facing directly towards her.”

Ms Love said Rae had his genitals exposed and was performing a sex act.

She added: “The witness believed the accused fully intended her to see this.

“She felt threatened and immediately hurried out of the woods. She contacted police to report the incident.

“Police were on mobile patrol and after receiving a call immediately attended Tyrebagger Woods.

“They spoke to the witness who advised them of the circumstances and gave a description.

“Police searched the area and at this time. “They observed the accused crawling through the long grass on all fours about 20 feet away from the footpath in an attempt to conceal himself.”

While under caution Rae asked officers “what do you get” for performing a sex act in the woods, adding: “Would I go to prison?”

Rae also said to officers: “I knew I shouldn’t have come up here. I had a feeling I’d be caught.”

Rae pled guilty to a charge of intentionally engaging in a sexual activity in the presence of the woman.

Sheriff Morag McLaughlin ordered Rae, of School Avenue, Aberdeen, to be supervised for three years and to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.

The sheriff also made an order to restrict Rae’s access to parks, forest areas, leisure parks and beaches without the prior approval of his supervising officer for three years.

He was also handed a conduct requirement to refrain from following, approaching or communicating with any female that isn’t known to him while out in public, except for incidental contact.

A further conduct requirement that he comply with any assessments was also imposed, and Rae was made subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act for three years.

April 2017

Serial sex offender avoids jail after rubbing groin at female dog walker in Aberdeen

A serial sex offender has avoided jail after he admitted rubbing his groin in front of a female dog walker in Aberdeen

Victor James Rae appeared in the city’s sheriff court yesterday to face a charge of engaging in a sexual activity in the Diamond Woods on Tullos Hill

March 2017

Guilty plea to new sex offence

A serial sex offender has admitted to rubbing his groin in front of a woman, who was walking a dog in Aberdeen.

Victor Rae appeared in the city’s sheriff court yesterday to face a charge of engaging in a sexual activity in the Diamond Woods on Tullos Hill on Thursday last week.

The 45-year-old pleaded guilty to the charge.

The court heard the dog walker had spotted him and noticed he was staring at her. She initially thought he was interested in the dog, but then he began to rub his groin while continuing to look directly at her.

Police were later called to the scene and, after looking at CCTV from a nearby business, identified Rae and later cautioned and arrested him.

Rae, whose address was given as School Avenue, Aberdeen, was already on the sex offenders register after exposing himself and making obscene gestures at two young girls waiting for a bus on Provost Rust Drive in May 2011.

He also appeared in Aberdeen Sheriff Court in November 2006 when he admitted to sending pictures of his genitals to an 11-year-old girl and also exposing himself indecently to her and a 14year-old friend.

Sheriff Morag McLaughlin deferred sentence to obtain a criminal justice social work report.

He will return to court on April 11 for sentencing.