December 2019

Sick Hull paedophile gets out of jail, changes name then ‘stalks and taunts’ victim on Instagram

A Hull paedophile has been jailed again after he “taunted” and “stalked” a young boy on Instagram who he had sexually abused.

Jake Jones, as he is now known, changed his name by deed poll after being released from prison in 2017 for sexually abusing three underage boys.

Previously known as Jason Middlemass, the sexual predator showed no remorse after taunting one of the boys on social media, which was in breach of a sexual-harm prevention order forbidding him from contacting any of his victims.

Jones, 33, had been released from Hull Prison in June 2017 after serving a seven-year sentence for grooming and sexually abusing the youngsters.

As part of that sentence, a judge ordered him not to contact the victims but between July 5 and 10 this year, Jones used his new name as a moniker or username on Instagram.

Prosecutor Martin Robertshaw said Jones sent the victim a string of Instagram messages after “following” the youngster.

He said Jones used nicknames on the site that he had used with the boy when he was sexually abusing him.

Jones was arrested on August 25 and made full admissions to police because “he knew he was in breach of the sexual-harm prevention order”.

Jones – formerly of York, but now of Beverley Road, Hull, claimed he had contacted the boy because he wanted to apologise to him for the sexual abuse, but judge Sean Morris, the Recorder of York, rejected this.

“There is nothing in these messages (to suggest) he was contrite in any way towards his conduct with that young person when he was being abused,” said Mr Robertshaw.

“This was a very serious breach and a very persistent number of messages sent on Instagram (following the abuse) all those years ago.”

judge Mr Morris said Jones’s “chilling” Instagram targeting of the victim was “almost taunting”.

He said it was tantamount to “stalking” and said to Jones: “After changing your name by deed poll, you sought out and then followed your victim on Instagram.

“Your comments on there were in my view akin to stalking, asking your victim to ‘guess who it was’, using intimate nicknames that you used during the abuse period.

“You said to police that you were on the victim’s Instagram feed to apologise. There wasn’t one single piece of evidence that you were on there to apologise and I reject that out of hand.

“The (rehabilitation) programme you have been placed on obviously hasn’t worked. In my view you were attempting to restart (contact with the victim) but you were prevented from doing that from the obvious hostile reaction from the victim.

“You present with a low level of responsibility or contrition (for what you have done). For a start, telling a probation officer that (the Instagram contact) was an accident and that you were just playing a game.

“You are a predatory (sexual offender). This was a victim who was very young and what makes it so bad is that you were getting back in contact with him and it was deeply unpleasant… to taunt him in that way. It’s almost playing games with his mind.”

Jones was jailed for 32 months and the judge ordered that the previous sexual-harm prevention order should stay in place.

Update: Middlemass has now been released from HMP Hull 

April 2014

Pervert jailed after grooming and sexually abusing young boys

A pervert has been sentenced to seven years in prison after he was found guilty of grooming and sexually abusing four young boys

Jason Paul Middlemass, 25-years-old of York appeared at Middlesbrough Crown Court where he was found guilty of:

  • One count of attempted rape of a male child

  • Three counts of causing or inciting a male child aged under 13 years old to engage in sexual activity with penetration

Four counts of causing or inciting a male child aged under 13 years old to engage in sexual activity were ordered to lie on file.

The court was told that Middlemass had groomed and then sexually abused four boys over a five year period.

The victims were aged between 10 and 15 years old.

The judge sentenced him to a total of seven years imprisonment, of which he must serve at least half.

Middlemass was told that he must register as a sex offender for an indefinite period.

Other orders imposed include:

  • Sexual offences prevention order 

  • No contact or communication with the victims involved in this case

  • Not to live in the same house as any male aged under 16 unless approved by social services

  • No unsupervised contact or communication with any male aged under 16, unless consent is given by the child’s parents or guardians

  • Must not delete internet history on computer or mobile phone.